New Breed Of Streakers Keeps Aluminum Chips Moving During Roughing And Finishing

October 1, 2018 10:09 am

Unique design for higher metal removal rates, even with heavy tool engagement


Machining productivity in aluminum alloys takes a major step forward with new STREAKERS M223 and M233 high-performance cutting tools, introduced recently by IMCO Carbide Tool.

“We designed these new STREAKERS specifically to make working in aluminum alloys more productive – faster cycle times, lower cost per part, higher metal removal rates even with heavy tool engagement, while getting better floor and wall finishes,” said Perry Osburn, president, and CEO of IMCO Carbide Tool. “We reached those goals and then some.”

Developed for aggressive chip evacuation under extremely heavy chip loads, new M223 and M233 end mills combine unique flute designs, higher corner strength, high-performance ZrN coating and other features of IMCO’s advanced technologies. They’re ideal for high-performance milling in all types of aluminum, including high silicon, die-cast and extruded aluminum parts. Testing in IMCO’s in-house lab showed they perform well at speeds as low as 3,000 rpm and reach their peak performance at speeds above 10,000 rpm.

“So whether you’re roughing or finishing, you get better finishes without chip packing or maxing out horsepower,” Osburn said.


Watch STREAKERS M223/M233 in action on IMCO’s YouTube channel. Learn more about new STREAKERS and all of IMCO’s high-performance cutting tools at, or call 1-800-765-4626 (U.S.) or 419-661-6313 (international), or contact your IMCO sales representative.


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