New IMCO Ball-End Tool Contours, Chamfers, Finishes in Fastest Single Pass in most Materials

June 13, 2022 8:59 am

IMCO Carbide Tool is launching the POW•R•ARC ball-end cutter, the newest of IMCO’s high-performance cutting tools. Designed for contouring and chamfering at the fastest possible speed and feed rates in most materials, the POW•R•ARC exceeds all expectations, even cutting smoothly in workpieces with dissimilar materials – no digs, no handwork needed. Available with 6 or 8 flutes, the versatile POW•R•ARC features advanced geometries and a next-generation coating for faster feed rates, greater lubricity, reliable chip ejection, and double or greater the tool life over competitors’ tools tested.

POW-R-ARC A106N (¾ in. dia., 6-flute ball end with neck relief and a 3¾ in. LBS) removes stepdown notches left by a corner radius roughing end mill in 316L stainless steel. This semi-finish pass, machining on the tool’s sidewall and ball nose, removes .020 in. from sidewall and radius with minimal notching. One finish pass with the same tool will yield an excellent finish.

The POW•R•ARC cuts and finishes in one pass in hardened metals up to 62 HRc, aluminum, stainless steel, low carbon steel, and super alloys such as high nickel alloys, cobalt chrome, and titanium.  It’s proven highly effective in both low-speed and high-speed machines, and it’s ideal for use in 5-axis machines. Order with long necks for working in deep pockets and easier maneuvering around mold guide pins. See what the IMCO POW•R•ARC can do at IMTS booth # 43-431522 and visit!

POW-R-ARC A108 (¾ in. dia., 8-flute ball end and 1 in. LOC) machines a .050 in. perimeter chamfer in 6AL-4V titanium. Compared with a 4-flute tool, the POW-R-ARC cutter leaves a bur-free finish at incredible speeds.

The POW-R-FEED M924B (left, ¾ in. dia., 4-flute ball end, 1 in. LOC) v. the POW-R-ARC A108 (right, ¾ in. dia., 8-flute ball end, 1 in. LOC) Material: A2 at 60 HRc. Using the same stepover value, the new POW-R-ARC 8-flute tool provides a superior 3D contour cut 5x faster, with barely visible ridges (far right) and very little finish work. 4-flute: 36.3 ipm at 2292 rpm POW-R-ARC 8-flute: 215 ipm at 9155 rpm

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