New Ultra High Precision 5-Axis Powerhouse for Intricate and Complex Machining Applications

November 20, 2020 12:27 pm

Kitamura Machinery, the premier manufacturer of precision horizontal, vertical and 5-axis machining centers has introduced the Mytrunnion-5G 5-axis vertical machining center, further expanding its Mytrunnion 5-axis line up.

The Mytrunnion-5G has been mechanically and electronically designed specifically for speed, rigidity and flexibility in complex 5-axis machining.

  • Induction hardened solid box way construction offers the vibration damping properties necessary for the finest surface finishes.
  • The A-axis fully integrated trunnion table (-120 to +30°) is driven by an ultra-high precision worm wheel & shaft for the ultimate in stiffness and stability.
  • A standard 20~20,000rpm #40, 4-step gear driven, dual contact spindle delivers strong low-end torque and high-end fine finish capability for enhanced machining flexibility. The 20 HP/AC spindle motor boasts an impressive max. cutting torque of 201.4 ft-lbs. An efficient oil chiller system minimizes thermal displacement and maximizes spindle life in order to achieve the performance needed for high-speed, high-accuracy 5-axis machining.
  • Dynamic double column construction allows the Y-axis to be fully supported throughout its entire movement, full stroke.
  • The rigidity of Kitamura’s patented triangular cross rail driven by twin fine pitch ballscrews evenly distributes headstock weight and cutting forces for chatter-free machining and superior accuracy and surface finish.

The Mytrunnion-5G offers an extra-large work envelope of Ø630MM (Ø 24.8”) x 500mm (19.7”) high and a table load capacity of 400kg (880lbs) with a sliding ceiling cover for easier load and unload of your medium to larger size parts.

A standard, feature rich ultra-high precision package includes positioning accuracies of ±0.001mm (±0.000039”)/full stroke and repeatability ±0.0005mm (±0.00002”), a built-in, rigid, trunnion style tilting table, ballscrew cooling, Heidenhein linear and rotary scale feedback in X, Y, Z, 4th & 5th axes and Kitamura’s IAC System 1 thermal compensation system to control the effects of heat displacement in order to ensure continuous accuracy in machining.

The Mytrunnion-5G has a standard 50-tool high speed ATC with an optional 100T upgrade available as a field installed option.  A standard double decker style chip conveyor and filtration system, 220psi coolant through the spindle and base wash and overhead wash shower coolant offer high-end excellence in chip evacuation filtration to 100 microns.

Ideal for 5-axis machining, Kitamura’s Arumatik-Mi Control offers 1680 block look ahead and super-fast, super smooth processing speeds of 2,800 blocks/sec. for faster machining of more complex workpieces. A completely customizable, icon driven touch screen offers a user friendly expandable control environment for the operator.  Unique standard features such as remote monitoring screens, on demand “HELP” guidance, visual work setting, tool breakage detection, free software upgrades throughout the life of the control, and collision safety functions all work in tandem to monitor machine performance and ensure uptime.


About Kitamura Machinery

Founded in 1933, Kitamura Machinery is dedicated to building the most technically advanced horizontal, vertical and 5-axis machining centers in the world. Kitamura machining centers are known and respected for their no-compromises precision and extended floor life even under the most demanding conditions. With its U.S. Corporate Headquarters located in Wheeling, Illinois, Kitamura provides its products to a diverse customer base worldwide. For more information, please visit or contact us at 1-847-520-7755.



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