New CBN grades from Walter for cast iron, sintered metals, and hard machining applications

August 28, 2020 10:41 am

Walter’s new CBN grades, WBK20 and WBK30, represent both tipped as well as full configuration for tough machining applications.

Waukesha, WI—Walter has introduced WBK20 and WBK30 new CBN grades that bring higher levels of productivity and reliability to the machining of cast iron and hardened steel. Both new grades have edge-preparation designs that have been optimized for their target applications.

With its tipped configuration, WBK20 is exceptionally wear resistant and well suited for finishing of cast iron or powered metal workpieces. Because of the higher CBN content it is also well suited for roughing in hard turning applications. With its full CBN configuration and high CBN content, WBK30 is ideal for heavy depth of cuts, roughing in cast irons, powder metals and exceptionally hard and tough applications, such as interrupted cuts, in hard turning.

These new grades complement Walter’s previously released WBH10C coated CBN and WBH10 and WBH20 CBN grade ideal for high temperature stability in hard metal turning. These inserts also have the option of chip breaker (TM-M2) for trouble shooting and wiper (MW2) for exceptional surface finish or higher feed and productivity. Various standard ISO turning insert shapes with these new grades, such as C, D, S and T, are available in both positive and negative clearance geometries. Select grades WBS10 and WBH20 are also available as grooving inserts for aerospace alloys and hard steels respectively.


Walter, a global leader in the metalworking industry for over 100 years, offers a wide range of precision tools for milling, turning, drilling and threading applications. The company helps customers in the aviation and aerospace industries, automotive, energy, and general industry improve process reliability and increase productivity. As an innovative partner capable of creating digital process solutions for optimal efficiency, Walter is pioneering Industry 4.0 throughout the machining industry. With Regional Headquarters in Waukesha, WI, Walter markets its competence brands Walter, Walter Titex, Walter Prototyp and Walter Multiply through a network of channel partners and field engineers across the USA, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.

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