Power Transport for Coolant Handling in Large Plants

December 29, 2017 12:44 pm

Move a sump cleaner safely through plant between collection, treatment or disposal with CB6 walk/ride transport base. Sump cleaner is mounted on a battery-powered pallet truck with stand on platform for easy driving.  Off the truck, operator can use controls to maneuver unit into tight spots and next to machine tools for sump cleaning. Sump cleaner uses high suction lift to remove coolant, chips and sludge from sump. Solids are caught in patented CECOR filter, while coolant passes into the tank. Operator can then drive unit to reclamation or disposal station.

The CB6 walk/ride pallet truck operates on a 24-volt battery.  With a tight turning radius, the pallet truck maneuvers through narrow aisles and around tight corners. The base has a battery charge indicator and automatic charger. It also features a high-tech speed controller with adjustable acceleration/braking.

See video of transport base at https://cecor.net/power-transport-for-coolant-reclamation/

Contact: Rose Peterson
Phone: 1-800-356-9042
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.cecor.net or www.sumpcleaner.com

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