Quad Side Milling Arbor - Bridging the Gap

December 20, 2017 11:24 am


The Quad Side Milling Arbor with (PATENTED) quad drive is a true semi-flush low-profile side milling arbor line that has a removeable key, no other side milling arbor has this unique feature.

Made for all cutters from .001 THK to .281 THK.  Especially designed, unique long reaching “Quad Support Cap” reduces chatter and has a .0004 T.I.R. needed for expensive carbide cutters when concentricity and accuracy is imperative.  No special spacers or brushing needed, save money and time.  This patented feature is easiest to use and no comparison to Robb Jack – Sierra American Gold Series, Peterson or Spirit Arbors.

Contact U.S. Shop Tools the exclusive distributor for Quad Side Milling Arbor.

1340 S. Allec St.
Anaheim, CA. 92805
[email protected]

About Owner Gilbert Espinosa:

Gilbert who is semi-retired has been working on a line of “patented” quad side milling arbors which provide a unique and needed innovation in milling arbor technology.  Gilbert spent 1-1/2 years on R&D, design and completion of the proto-types.  For more information please contact Gilbert Espinosa at 949-573-1835 or visit www.gilespisales.com

Samples Available Upon Request

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