Rough and Mirror-Finish Face Milling with Same Cutter

June 13, 2022 8:50 am

Vernon Hills, IL – Global cutting-tool powerhouse YG-1 gives face milling a whole new dimension with the FM10 PNMU indexable inserts and cutter. This latest innovation from YG-1 provides high-productivity rough face milling and outstanding surface finishes with the same insert and cutter.

The FM10 cutter and insert provides 10 true edges for ultra-high feed rates.

With 10 true cutting edges, the new FM10 achieves 30% higher feed rates than the typical 45° face mill. Then it goes one better, achieving surface finishes in the low double-digit (or better) Ra – well beyond what any other roughing cutter can do.

Note the FM10’s exceptional metal removal rate during roughing.

For instance, in the attached example, the FM10 produced a stunning finish of ~Ra 22μin at an astonishing MMR of 79.1 in3/min. Even more impressive, with exactly the same cutter and inserts (yes, with used edges), it went on to produce a brilliant finish of Ra 6.2μin.  It’s a one-tool face-milling solution offering unparalleled productivity and versatility – easily the best value in the market today for face milling.

The same FM10 set-up completed the job with a flawless mirror finish.

Come see for yourself at IMTS booth 431400 with live demonstrations of the FM10 PNMU face milling indexable insert and many other market-leading and innovative cutting tool solutions.


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