Sandvik Coromant Announces New Sustainability Analyzer Tool To Help Customers Measure and Reduce Carbon Footprint

April 23, 2024 8:35 am

Sandvik Coromant, a global leader in metal cutting tools and manufacturing solutions, has recently launched its new Sustainability Analyzer, an upgraded version of the company’s existing Productivity Analyzer tool. The new Sustainability Analyzer enables machining customers to capture, measure and analyze data on their energy consumption and CO2 emissions to support their transition toward more sustainable manufacturing practices.

“As the manufacturing industry works to reduce its carbon footprint, having accurate data on energy usage and emissions is essential to driving meaningful improvements,” said Patrik Eurenius, head of sustainability and EHS at Sandvik Coromant. “Our new Sustainability Analyzer empowers our customers with the insights they need to make informed decisions and take tangible steps toward decreasing their environmental impact.”

The Sustainability Analyzer builds upon Sandvik Coromant’s existing Productivity Analyzer, which has already helped customers save nearly 2 million production hours. The new tool provides detailed reporting on energy consumption per component, annual energy usage and annual CO2 emissions. It leverages data from Sandvik Coromant’s CoroPlus® Tool Guide to calculate these sustainability metrics based on factors such as machine efficiency, local energy prices and material properties.

In a recent test case with a leading automotive manufacturer, the Sustainability Analyzer helped the customer identify a 15 percent increase in productivity and a 23 percent reduction in energy consumption per component. Armed with these insights, the customer is now better equipped to make strategic decisions to further reduce their environmental impact.

“Sandvik Coromant is committed to helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals,” added Eurenius. “By providing data-driven tools like the Sustainability Analyzer, we’re empowering manufacturers to measure their progress and take meaningful action toward future-proofing their business.”

The new Sustainability Analyzer is available to all Sandvik Coromant customers as part of the company’s broader Manufacturing Wellness initiative, which promotes sustainable manufacturing practices.

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