Stainless Materials: Drill Deeper, Mill Faster

August 16, 2018 10:41 am

The Swiss cutting tool manufacturer Mikron Tool presents at the IMTS new small cutting tools for stainless materials.

CrazyDrill Cool SST-Inox, available from 1-6 mm (.039” to .236”), is especially suitable to drill without pecking. In fact, merely one feed stroke is necessary to reach the full depth of 20 x d. This is made possible by the tool integrated helicoidally, drop shaped coolant ducts, which deliver a massive and constant coolant flow. The advantage is the prevention of overheating the cutting edges right from the beginning. Combined with the right geometry this cooling method facilitates an easier chip breaking which in turn helps to flush them out of the flutes. These factors afford machining with higher cutting parameters (cutting speed and feed). Furthermore, a new geometry with a chip-breaking effect in the front section of the flutes and an open flute profile in the back provide for a perfect evacuation of the micro-chips. (picture 1).

Picture 1: Due to an efficient internal cooling, one step is enough (no pecking) for the drilling up to 20 x d with this new drill available in a diameter range from 1 to 6 mm.

CrazyMill Cool Ball Z4: The range of the milling cutters CrazyMill Cool is being expanded with a four blade VHM finishing mill in the range of 1-8 mm (.039” to .315”) for depths up to 5 x d. Coolant ducts integrated in the shaft provide a massive flow of coolant. This prevents overheating of the cutting edges and facilitates easy flushing of chips from the machining area. A surface finish close to grinding quality is thus achieved. (picture 2)

Picture 2: Four teeth and coolant ducts integrated in the shank guarantee a perfect surface quality

CrazyMill Cool P&S is a very new Plunge Mill in diameters from 1-6 mm for milling depths of 2.5xd. It’s strength: plunging perpendicularly 1xd into the material (drilling) and then progressing laterally to machine grooves and pockets. Hence it can do milling operations in smallest areas. The tool collects chips while drilling in its expanded chip collection section in the head and evacuates them through the large flutes. Stable and robust cutting edges into the center of the tool prevent vibrations. Coolant ducts integrated into the shaft supply a constant and substantial flow of coolant. With this an overheating of the cutting edges is prevented which in turn results in expanded tool life and high chip removal rates. (picture 3)

Picture 3: Pocket milling gets easy with the new plunge & slot endmill, due to vertical entering in the workpiece up to a milling depth of 1 x d.

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