THINBIT® Celebrates 55 Years!

May 20, 2019 9:20 am

Kaiser Tool Company was founded in 1964 with the purpose of supplying small lathe cutting tools. William (Bill) Kaiser owned a job shop and was constantly hand grinding grooving tools to the size he needed. Bill realized there was a need for small, ready to use grooving tools. He decided to make tools starting at .004” of an inch and available in .001” increments.

Bill changed the focus of the business to producing grooving tools and applied for patent 3,296,683.  Lathe tools were known as bits and the tools were thin. THINBIT® was chosen as the product name.

The first production of THINBIT® was done at the home of William and Hazel Kaiser on Weisser Park Avenue in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Manufacturing was done in the garage.  The employees used the bathroom and kitchen of the house. The sales office was in the attic of the house and was accessed via a set of pull down stairs. The raw material was purchased at a local hardware store. The idea was successful and the company grew.

In 1980 Kaiser Tool Company moved to Sherman Boulevard and continued to grow. The site was located along the St Mary’s river and terrible flooding in 1982 threatened to destroy the business. The extraordinary efforts of the employees and a few sand bags from President Ronald Regan saved the factory.

In 1994 the company built an energy efficient new manufacturing facility on Centennial Drive. The site was purchased and the building was designed with future expansion in mind.

Kaiser Tool Company has grown for 25 years at our current location. In 2018, Kaiser Tool Company expanded our Centennial Drive facility, adding additional manufacturing space. This year, the original manufacturing floor is being remodeled to improve efficiency and working conditions.

Kaiser Tool Company is committed to promoting and maintaining a clean, safe and environmentally responsible work environment for its employees and community. Geothermal heating and cooling, LED lighting, recycling waste and reducing paper.

These upgrades will help Kaiser Tool Company continue to provide fast delivery, quality products and excellent customer service.

Thank you for supporting us for 55 years and join us in celebrating 25 years at our current location.


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