Walter Announces the Expansion of an Indexable Insert Grade

March 20, 2024 12:43 pm

The Walter WSM01 grade is for machining stainless steel and super alloys.

Walter has expanded its WSM01 grade for indexable inserts to include the FM4, FM5, FM6 and MM4 geometries

Greer, SC — Walter has expanded its WSM01 grade for indexable inserts to include the FM4, FM5, FM6 and MM4 geometries. The FM5 geometry in the WSM01 grade is available with the CNMG, DNMG and WNMG basic shapes. WL25 indexable inserts with the FM4 or MM4 geometry are also available in the WSM01 grade, as well are the FM4, FM6 and MM4 geometries with further radii.

The grade features a physical vapor deposition (PVD) high-power impulse magnetron sputtering (HiPIMS) titanium aluminum nitride (TiAlN) coating for effective machining stainless steels and heat-resistant super alloys (ISO M and S material groups). The thin yet very dense TiAlN coating provides excellent bonding on sharp cutting edges.

When comparing the coated surface of the HiPIMS PVD process to the standard PVD process, the HiPIMS process creates an extremely smooth surface while the standard process causes increased droplet formation and irregularities. An extremely smooth rake face enables low friction, reducing built-up edge. In addition, the WSM01 grade has a micrograin substrate, which is extremely hard to protect against abrasive wear and flank face wear.

When applying the FM5 geometry for finishing stainless materials and super alloys, Walter recommends a feed rate (f) of 0.004 to 0.233 in. (0.10 to 0.60 mm/rev.) and an axial depth of cut (ap) of 0.012 to 0.118 in. (0.3 to 3.0 mm). The recommended feed for the FM6 geometry is from 0.003 to 0.013 in. (0.08 to 0.32 mm), and the recommended depth of cut ap is 0.012 to 0.098 in. (0.3 to 2.5 mm). It is a universal geometry for finishing and medium machining operations.

The machining parameters for the MM4 geometry are a feed of 0.003 to 0.013 in. (0.08 to 0.32 mm) and an ap of 0.016 to 0.138 in. (0.4 to 3.5 mm). The geometry is for machining long-chipping workpiece materials. The WL25 indexable inserts with the FM4 or MM4 geometry are for copy turning/profiling operations of undercuts and recesses up to 30°, 50° (W1011/W1211) and 72.5° (W1010/W1210). They are a replacement for the ISO VBMT, VCMT and DCMT indexable inserts.

Potential benefits of the expanded range include maximum tool life when cutting high-strength materials, optimum surface qualities thanks to the HiPIMS coating and the production of high-quality parts over a long tool life.

Walter, a global leader in the metalworking industry for over 100 years, offers a wide range of precision tools for milling, turning, drilling and threading applications. The company helps customers in the aviation and aerospace industries, automotive, energy, and  general metalworking industry improve process reliability and increase productivity. As an innovative partner capable of creating digital process solutions for optimal efficiency, Walter is pioneering Industry 4.0 throughout the machining industry. With Regional Headquarters in Greer, SC, Walter markets its competence brands Walter, Walter Titex, Walter Prototyp and Walter Multiply through a network of channel partners and field engineers across the USA, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.

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