zCAT: The world’s first truly portable DCC Coordinate Measuring Machine

April 19, 2017 2:01 pm

Engineered and made in the United States the zCAT goes where no CMM has gone before! At only 30 lbs. zCAT is an industry first, bringing automated, precise 2D and 3D measurement anywhere.

The zCAT was conceived, designed and invented by Homer Eaton. The same Homer Eaton that invented the ubiquitous Romer Arm. Sometimes you have to wait for technology to catch up with your ideas. When technology caught up with Homer Eaton – the zCAT was born. Eaton wanted to develop something that could take automatic, accurate, repeatable measurement right to the part, significantly reducing user error and training time.

To learn more about our zCAT, truly portable Direct Computer Control Coordinate Measuring Machine, and it’s accessories check out our product page or to check out zCAT Playlist.


To learn how the zCAT is so accurate directly from Homer Eaton check out the video below.

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