5 Organization Tips to Maximize Job Shop Efficiency

July 3, 2018 3:46 pm

Tools organization in a job shop is a game changer.

It improves the productivity, helps to gain the trust of clients that walk in and allows the machinists to focus on their job without having to struggle to find tools.

Job shop organization should be a shared mindset and it should be an ongoing process aiming at maximum efficiency.

In the video below, John Sanders, the owner of Sanders Machine Works and creator of the YouTube channel NYC CNC, shares some precious tips on how to organize gears and drawers.

According to Sanders, the main principles to follow when organizing the shop are the following:

  • Keep the things close to where they will be used
  • Keep the most frequently used items where you can see them
  • Group the gears based on their use
  • Label containers and drawers
  • Get rid of the gears that are never used

Although the remodeling of the job shop might seem a hard and very time-consuming process, it is never too late to get started and the results are worth the effort.



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