Keep Your Air Tools Rust-Free with the Right Oil

November 23, 2020 8:00 am

Air tools, or pneumatic tools, are tools powered by compressed air. These types of tools are often compared to electric tools, which are powered by either batteries or electricity. There are pros and cons to both, so it’s important to do your homework before deciding whether you want to invest in an air or electric tool.

In this post, we are going to focus on the lubricants that air tools require. The constant moisture that moves through your air tools from the air compressor contributes greatly to rust and corrosion, thus to the tool’s lifespan. That is why it is important to lubricate your air tools with an oil solution. The oil acts as a microsurface barrier against the moisture to prevent any rust or corrosion from developing.

Air tool oil even has the ability to revive and restore those air tools you have given up on. Coat that heavy gunk and rust with the solution and let it sit for several days. It just may bring your air tool back to life!

Now, there are oil solutions developed and marketed specifically as air tool oil, but as a metalworker, you know there are many different oil solutions. Some machinists use tool oil alternatives like hydraulic oil, and actually recommend it over tool oil.

If you’re looking for a solution developed specifically for air tools, here are some recommended options…

Recommended Air Tool Oil

Marvel Mystery Air Tool Oils

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The Marvel Mystery oil is formulated for use in all piston type and rotary air tools as well as in-line air lubricators. The solution prevents rust formation while providing lubrication for longer tool life, assuring maximum performance. It also dissolves the gum and sludge that cuts down tool speed and reduces power output.

Premium Air Tool Lubricant

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This premium, industrial strength oil, specifically designed for air powered tools, provides optimum protection from damage and wear to all internal tool parts. With just four to five drops of lubricant, you can preserve the elasticity and form of seals and O-rings to maintain operating pressure and seal life.

Freeman Air Tool Oil

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This nonsynthetic oil is specifically designed for the lubrication of pneumatic tools. The anti-gumming, anti-foaming, and rust-inhibiting solvent additives in the oil act as cleaners for the internal components of air compressor tools. Apply several drops directly into the air inlet to break down sludge and debris deposits that build up with normal use.

Lucas Oil Air Tool Lubricant

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This heavy-duty air tool lubricant is a long lasting, super slick lubricant that allows air tools to run better and last longer. The solution is a complex blend of pure petroleum oils and additives specifically formulated to combat rust and varnish. It coats the working parts with a cushion of waterproof lubricants that resist corrosion and rust.

Coilhose Pneumatics Air Tool Lubricant

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Specially formulated and designed to prolong the life of air tools, cylinders, and pneumatic accessories, this air tool lubricant is non-detergent, non-corrosive, non-reactive, and stable (non-decomposing). The bottle has a convenient flip-top cap that enables precise application.


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