5 Laptops for CNC Programming

August 13, 2021 8:00 am

Whether you’re an aspiring CNC programmer, or already a professional, you will need a strong computer or laptop that supports the CAD/CAM programming software necessary for creating  machined components. CNC machines wouldn’t be able to bring parts to life if it weren’t for the powerful, electronic machines where the designs and toolpaths are created. 

Maybe your machine shop has a programming table, a programming room or a whole programming department. Regardless of the size of your machine shop, if you’re running computer numerical controlled machines, there’s going to be a computer or laptop not too far away. 

With all the different types and brands of laptops on the market, it is important to know which qualities of a laptop you will want and need. Because of the huge selection, it can be very easy to lose sight of the most important factors when selecting a laptop. Here are some key features to consider before purchasing your next laptop for CNC programming. 

What to Consider When Selecting a Laptop for CNC Programming


If you are dealing with hefty programming software, which if you are programming complex CNC machined components you definitely are, you will need a computer with a processor strong enough to support a sizable software. 


You may not think that the aesthetic features of your laptop are important…but they are. Try to stay away from laptops that are advertised for their sleekness or thinness. This quality can lead to overheating, which will most definitely be the case considering the size of files and programs you’ll be running. You want a laptop with a sturdy build. 

Additionally, opt for the laptop with the larger screen if possible as it will enhance your programming experience. Lastly under the build bucket are ports. It is imperative that your laptop’s ports reflect the ports on your CNC machine. It isn’t the end of the world if they don’t line up because you can buy an adapter, but save yourself the extra purchase and make sure your laptop ports are compatible with the ports on your CNC machine. 


In this business, you’re going to want at least 16GB of RAM on your laptop. These days, it is possible to upgrade to obtain more memory in the future, however 16GB is a good place to start as it will allow you to multitask with files and programs.

Laptop Options for CNC Programming 

Now that we’ve walked through some important features to consider before purchasing a laptop, here are some great options on the market. It can be hard to find the perfect laptop that checks all the boxes, there are pros and cons to every model, so find the balance and make a selection according to your specific programming needs. Here are five models to consider, in no particular order.

Razer Blade Pro

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The Razer Blade laptop not only has a cool name but a cooling system. The 2021 model has a vapor chamber cooling system to dissipate heat through evaporation and condensation of internal fluid. The laptop has an Intel 11th Gen 8-Core processor. 

HP Pavilion

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The HP Pavilion comes in many options for memory and processing. This model is 12GB RAM and the processor is the 9th generation Intel core i5. If 12 GB becomes too little, there are memory upgrading options.

Dell Precision 7550

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Get reliable workday support from this 15.6 inch Dell Precision mobile workstation. This laptop features an Intel Core i7 processor that can handle those heavy-duty workloads and with speed. The laptop weighs a total of 5.28 pounds. 

Lenovo ThinkPad P53

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This Lenovo ThinkPad has an Intel Core i7 and a 15.6” display. Remote work won’t be difficult with the built in webcam and there is even a fingerprint security system for the utmost protection. This laptop has different memory options and comes with a USB data hub. 


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With a 15 6″ Full HD screen, this laptop features a 9th Gen Intel Core i7-9750H mobile processor. The laptop weighs 5.29 lbs and 16GB of RAM. The improved thermal design of this ASUS laptop keeps things cool internally and prevents overheating. 


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