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February 26, 2021 8:58 am

Deburring is a crucial post-production material moderation process in machining that removes sharp edges (often left over from machining operations) and leaves the part with smooth edges. Deburring is a broad practice as it can be executed in many ways. Your deburring needs can be accomplished in more ways than one, whether it be manually, or with a grinder, high-pressure waterjet, engraving machine, etc.

Check out the difference in this part before and after it has been deburred.

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Do you currently do burr removal work or are you hoping to get started? Below is some information about what deburring jobs entail along with some reading materials to help you master the practice.

Deburring for a Living

Are you interested in doing deburring work? If hired to do so, you will be responsible for deburring tasks such as grinding, polishing, or buffing. Not only is the primary role of this job to deburr, but to inspect finished parts to ensure that they comply with the required specifications.

The “deburring toolbox” includes traditional/manual tools, like the ones we mentioned in 6 Essential Deburring Tools, as well as more complex/mechanical tools, such as pneumatic deburring machines or vibratory deburring machines.

As we typically say here at Practical Machinist, there’s no better way—besides hands-on experience —to master your practice than getting educated on the subject. Here are some resources to help get you started.

Recommended Reads

Deburring Machine Operator RED-HOT Career Guide

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If you are interested in landing a deburring job, this book is for you. Full of potential interview questions to help your preparation process and practice quizzes to test your knowledge, pick up this book today to rock the interview and get your dream deburring technician or operator job.

Burrs – Analysis, Control and Removal

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Consider this a technical read to master all things burrs. This book covers research results on burrs, with a focus on burr analysis and control as well as on cleanability and burr removal. It also features presentations that researchers and engineers use.

Hand Deburring: Increasing Shop Productivity

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Grab this easy-to-digest reference designed specifically for shop supervisors, deburring operators, and engineers that can be used in real-time on the shop floor. This book focuses on deburring tools with an emphasis on precision work in small shops.

Deburring and Edge Finishing Handbook

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This handbook is considered by many as the most comprehensive book on burr removal and the treatment of edges. It includes an in-depth guide to deburring technologies to help you identify and evaluate the most efficient and cost-effective deburring option(s) for a given application.

Mechanical Deburring and Surface Finishing Technology

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This handbook focuses on product application principles in the design, development, engineering, and shop floor techniques of deburring, edge contouring, and surface-conditioning methods. It also highlights systems and processes involving semi-automatic equipment, robotics, automated machinery, and CNC.


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