CNC cylindrical grinding questions
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    Default CNC cylindrical grinding questions

    I have a few questions about grinding strategies for a PITA part ive been working on. my part is fully chromed with anywhere between .010 and .020 of grinding stock, opposing 45 degree shoulders, inside/outside .750 radius and .060 inside/outside radius. i can generate a profile on my wheel, so ive got the 45 degree angle and .060 radii dressed on it. the wheel is CBN and im running it at 7000 sfm. my main problem is that im getting so much wheel breakdown in the corner radius while generating the shape of the part, i end up dressing around .015 or more off of my wheel for every part. my max step down is .0005 at about 5 ipm. for roughing and .0002 stepdown at about 1 ipm for finishing. it takes me about 45 minutes to complete a part. i need to be able to cut my cycle time down in order for it to be worth it to do these parts. i dont have a ton of experience and even less training on grinding, so im sure my numbers are off and or my strategy is not ideal. any suggestions or ideas or whatever will be greatly appreciated. thanks for your time.

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    You may want to speak with an applications person at Norton or one of the other super abrasives vendors regarding your issues. Perhaps the dressing method you're using isn't optimal, or the grit/bond/speed/coolant isn't ideal.

    I guess I'll also ask if there's not a hard turning option here? Perhaps there's a CBN insert that could work for you?

    Perhaps you'd be better off profiling your corner radius to .030" or so, and generating the .060" contour rather than plunging/full engagement forming? Would allow you to comp as the wheel wore, giving you more passes before fresh dressing was needed. May also reduce heat/stress on the wheel.

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