Need help with operating 1953 Noirton 10 x 36 CTU
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    Default Need help with operating 1953 Noirton 10 x 36 CTU

    Need help with operating a 1953 Norton 10 x 36 CTU.
    We have an operator manual but am still having trouble.
    Weload a part. Infeed to touch off. Set the handwheel against the positive stop. Dial in what we want to grind with the tenths indexing knob let it traverse what we dialed in. When it's through the part has been ground as planned. When we push the infeed lever to retract the grinding wheel retracts. When we load the next part and pull the infeed lever to bring the wheel in the wheel will infeed to where the previous part had been ground to therefore causing a slight disaster.

    Example - infeed to touch off is 6.000"". Traverse grind .003" off. Retract = 6.003". Next part initial infeed is 6.003" instead of 6.000"

    Question is how do we infeed to 6.000" every time?

    Second problem is that we only have a rapid infeed without a slow or cushioned stroke at the end of the infeed. When id comes in it comes in fast until it stops or hits the part - crashes. What can be the cause?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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