Wet widebelt sander: coolant mix? and other new owner questions.
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    Default Wet widebelt sander: coolant mix? and other new owner questions.

    HI guys,

    So I found a used wet timesaver for not insane sums of coin. Yay. It arrived today, more-or-less un-smashed by the LTL guys. Bigger Yay.
    We're still sorting it all out, but it looks like it's in pretty good shape. Only 20 years old, and in storage for the last 10 of that, so shockingly low hours.

    Which means I'll have questions.

    The first one: it's a wet machine. What do people run in them by way of coolant? Straight water? Do you add something to keep it from rusting out the machine? Or anything else to keep the wee beasties down? I've got a VMC that runs soluble oil as coolant, so I've got *plenty* of that around. Run that? Thoughts?

    Next question: it's one of the ones that uses a strip of paper on a continuous roll as a filter for the sump. It did actually come with the original manual, which is great, except it says nothing about the filter paper rig. Anybody else have one and know how to deal with it?

    Third question: it's one of the baby machines. 19". So the belts aren't as common as the bigger machines. (19x60)
    Anybody have any favorite suppliers for them? 3M will make them, for a "modest" fee, and I've found a couple of other converters, but I'd really like to know if there are any hidden secret suppliers out there.

    Any wisdom gratefully received.

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