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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank R View Post
    Asbestosis is a disease where the lungs are restricted by heavy exposure to clouds of asbestos dust. Think of it as similar to black lung from coal mining. Mesothelioma is a cancer of the plural lining of the lungs; and it can be caused by even small exposures to asbestos dust.

    So your comment about your friend is interesting. If he died from asbestosis he must have had some sustained exposure to asbestos, not just a little bit.
    Sorry, I should have been more specific, it was Mesothelioma that he died from.

    Regards Tyrone.

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    I have read many of the posts but there are so many I didn't read them all but want to inject some family facts!
    2 Uncles and an Aunt on my mothers side worked for John Manville in Manville NJ. I have been to Manville NJ many times living only miles away. My one Uncle started with Johns Manville after dropping out of HS and going to work, enlisted in the Army during WW2 then went back to work for JM until he retired. My Aunt went to work for JM during WW2 and worked there until she retired. My 3rd Uncle was the late comer in that he went to work after returning to NJ from NY where he worked in Aircraft industry. He too retired from JM. My father said The first Uncle would come home looking like a ghost being covered with asbestos from head to toe until JM added showers so workers could clean off before returning home. All of them lived a long retirement and passing away of natural causes when they were in their 80's. However none of them smoked, the first Uncle would have an occasional cigar.
    I don't wish to imply that there is nothing wrong with Asbestos, I know very little about the issue other that what's been on the news over the years. I post simply to add to the conversation my families history with Asbestos.

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