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    My old dragline has got all the long bolts that hold the hook rollers onto the crane frame rusted off at the nuts......So far rust in the holes is holding the thing together.
    ,so looks like I be needing the belzona man........but should I tell him I paid scrap price for the dragline,and dont go over that for repairs.

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    Sort of in the same category as metalized epoxy products. Gas tank repair stuff comes to mind here. I have a '32 Farmall Regular tractor on steel, the main fuel tank was rusted from the inside out and the very bottom had several pin holes, I used a Devcon or maybe Loctite brand gas tank epoxy repair kit several times being too lazy to do a proper fix as I only use the tractor once a year for a local show. Well I finally got sick of that stuff failing every year and the tank leaking again. I got off my ass and did a proper repair by removing the tank, cleaning, using a soldering Iron I made from a hunk of brass to fill hold holes. I used the soldering iron and Co2 purge inside the tank to avoid open flame exploding a irreplaceable 80 year old gas tank and equally irreplaceable 50 year old mechanic! Then used some of that tank sealer which apparently does work pretty well sealing & stopping rust. That repair has held up now for several years.

    Belzona or other two part resins do have their uses and in my mind it is strictly for temporary repairs to keep going until a proper shut down can be arranged. Or as a used equipment dealer I know says, "to get the thing on the boat"!

    Having said that I would assume that there are legitimate permanent engineered uses for such products or they would not have been brought to market. However my experience in the repair business says buyer beware.

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