Kempfe Bros No.2 Kick Press
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    Default Kempfe Bros No.2 Kick Press

    I'm new to the forum, but I was hoping to get some help with identifying a older kick press. On the side of the kick press is notes "KEMPFE BROS. N.Y." and "NO.2". I haven't been able to find any information on this piece. After a search through google I found nothing except for the information about the Star Razor by the Kempfe Bros. I've attached pictures to give more detail. Thank you in advance!img_3313.jpg img_3171.jpg

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    There were literally dozens of companies making presses like this for probably 50 years or so. Virtually every one of those companies has been out of business since about WW2.
    There may be, somewhere, an old wholesale hardware company catalog that has the smallest bit of info on these- like maybe the price in 1920- but in essence, there were never manuals, specs, or much info, even when they were new.

    my guess is 2 to 5 tons max. Very likely was used for light duty stuff like setting grommets- thousands of these were used in the textile industry, and thousands more in the jewelry and findings plants of the NE, usually for things like 24 gage brass parts.

    If you want to punch holes in sheet metal with it, and it has no tooling, I would buy and adapt Whitney die shoes and punch holders for it, as the Whitney dies are common, simple round shapes, and often findable used.
    Die Shoes & Die Adapters for American Whitney & W.A. Whitney Bench Mounted Punch Presses

    What is it you want to know?

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