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    Romie, thanks for the post and thank you for your service.
    Those FFG-7's even visit us here at the tip of Lake Superior from time to time. No possible way could my ship make it here.
    The Iowa didn't fit nearly the places you could put that frigate but it was a beautiful, powerful looking ship and Reagan wanted us to be waving the flag and demonstrating the might of the US military so we pulled in just about everywhere we could fit.
    We anchored off of Caracas Venezuela once in pretty stormy weather and we launched 3 or 4 liberty ships to bring the crew ashore but the weather was too bad to continue. The Captain decided to weigh anchor and we went East along the coast to Puerta De La Cruz which had supertanker loading facilities. We tied up to the dock and the liberty bell rang.
    Since we had not been scheduled to be in this port none of the working senoritas were prepared. A few shipmates, one of whom spoke Spanish, and I quickly found the casa de la chicas. When young American sailors with pockets full of money came through the door to the bar the barkeeps eyes lit up and he started making calls.
    Soon enough the beautiful Latin senoritas started arriving and the merrymaking began.
    A very good story I could tell here too but it's not for polite company.
    Everything in Venezuela was crazy cheap. I had the best filet mignon I've ever had at a cafe on the beach and the bill for the meal with all the trimmings and a drink or three was under $5 US. Other things were similarly cheap but of very high quality too.

    Oh, the joys of being a young man!

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    Hey shipmate Nsagam
    I'll tell you that in Montevideo, Uruguay I was able to get a steak as big as a toilet seat, pitcher of beer, salad, tripe soup and a baked potato for about 800,000 bongo bucks which at the time was about 3.75 american, hate to see what the exchange rate is now. The one thing I hated to see was as I was retiring they were making the ships cashless. So unless you bring a lot of American green backs it would be hard to get good deals. Anyway on the Stark we got hit a couple of Exocet missiles back in 87 and had to be in the yards down in Pascagoula, Ms. Then the Wisconsin was in there also at the same time getting retrofit, big beautiful ship. Had a buddy who had been on the Iowa and was a BT but rate changed to a GS and was on the Bradley with me and the only bitch he had about the Iowa was "Field day" continually. Anyway know what you mean about the south american eating experience, one time when we pulled into Columbia we were walking down the street completely hammered looking for bite to eat, there was guy walking around with a tree sloth of some sort and he would walk up to people and just toss it at them then snap a picture and then want 5 or 10 bucks, he tossed it at me the thing is looking up at me and I looked down at it the guy snapped my picture wanted the money in broken English and I said" Hell I'm taking this critter into the next restaurant we find and deep frying it, I'm eating this bitch", you should have heard how good his English was screaming you ain't going to eat my tree sloth. Anyway its been fun and very bad at times. Mike


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