New Guy with 1890s Milwaukee Upright Drill
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    Default New Guy with 1890s Milwaukee Upright Drill

    Hey there, new to the forum but have a love for antique tools. I was looking for a Dp to go with my Dalton lathe that I rebuilt last I picked this up at the end of February and made the last 6 weeks about getting this thing up and running. It is a Milwaukee 21", has a nice small foot print and weighs about 600 pounds. It was outside but well oiled for the last 10 tens so the teardown was straight forward, not broken castings or gears. The table was bad......

    It is similar to forum member WlBrown's. The only other stamping I found was on the machined section of the base near the column, stamped "99"

    I completely overhauled it and am in the process of converting it from Line shaft to Electric.
    Repairs I made were as follows:
    Replaced the missing fine feed handwheel
    Bushed hole on the left side of the quill where the return handle is located
    replaced the bar that holds the back gear assembly to the main casting and supports long return handle/clutch
    scrapped and re-shimmed the babbit bearings
    repacked the spindle bearings
    Covered a large torched out hole in the base with a 1/2 aluminum bronze plate
    new stand, casters and motor mount
    I resurfaced the table table and machined new slots, came about great

    Im still waiting on the drive belt, It was a little long so I am having it re-sized, but I went with Rubber/canvas from Hit and Miss. I am loving these belts!

    I am running a 1PH 1725 RPM Holtzer Cabot from the 1920s. i tore it down and have it running clean and strong. I will go with an 2.5" drive pulley and 11" Driven (doubles) which gives me 390 RPM countershaft speed which I think should put me in the range. I could get slower but I am going to try this out and then put tac on the speeds and see where I am at.

    Here are some pics. I would love any input and insight into the true manufacturer if you guys think possibly there is lineage with another Upright drill company.

    I have been loving all the Drill press threads and look forward to becoming a part of this community.

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    Adrian, welcome to the PM Forum--you're in the right place. I've had a Snyder D/P similar to yours for about 20 years and its great for hogging out large holes. I run it with a 1 1/2 horse GE motor probably 1930's vintage and I've kept the original fast/loose setup that I shift with the original foot pedal shifter. Please include some during and after pics.

    Saw your Dalton on the Garage Journal Forum--great lathe and you got a beautiful result on that one.

    Tom B.

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