O.T: A little work on the Lombard
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    Default O.T: A little work on the Lombard

    Yesterday I had to go downstate for a meeting. Since I had some time afterwards I figured I would
    meet Herb at the museum for a impromptu work session and get a much needed fix of grease, soot and
    rusty old iron.

    Last week the 19 ton steam Lombard had its annual boiler inspection:

    C 191 Lombard Steam Log Hauler Boiler Annual Inspection - YouTube

    All was well so we are ready to roll for the summer season. With that out of the way
    Herb and I spent a few hours putting it all back together - installing the steam dome cover
    and a plethora of plugs that allowed the inspector to examine the mud ring, stays and crown sheet.
    The hardest part was the steam dome cover which had to be torqued down to 250 lbs. The washout plugs down in the
    rear corners of the boiler are a pain to get at However, with good company the most difficult task is made light.

    Next we turned our attention to the 10 ton Gasoline Lombard. Awhile back we had a problem with sediment in the
    fuel tank. An inline filter solved it but there was still some stuff in the carb and line between the pump
    and carb. We flushed things out and gave it a test run. At first it was running a bit ragged - you can hear it in
    the video but it quickly cleared-up.

    As we were pulling out into the road a found myself staring face to face with a mouse perched on the hood!
    We thought it would abandon ship with the noise and all but the little bugger stayed with us to the end.
    I guess Mack had its bulldog now Lombard has a mouse.


    I convinced Herb that we needed a unique "worm's eye view" of the works. Some how he trusted that I wouldn't
    crush his camera. We convinced Sherry - the museum Director, to have a go at driving the beast. The mouse survived,
    the camera survived and Sherry survived.


    All and all a good day with some old iron!

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