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    Quote Originally Posted by Pierrecz View Post
    Good day Joe.
    My name is Pierre. I am from South Africa. I bought a old tipper truck. Some say it is a Euclid and some say it is a Terex R17.
    Pierre Coetzee.
    I have been reading a bit about Euclid and Terex history. The R-17 was produced from 1968-1984 and is an interesting model because it appeared in May, 1968, just before General Motors sold off its Euclid Division on June 28th, 1968, to White Motor Corp (who renamed it Euclid, Inc.).

    The R-17 was therefore produced for about 1 month as a Euclid, (just before the Euclid Division was sold off) then (probably) sold for a few months without the Euclid name (not allowed to use it), but also without the Terex name which GM had not yet coined for its "new" Earthmoving Equipment Division to replace the one just sold...

    Furthermore...Although GM was not allowed to sell off-highway trucks in the US for 5 years after the sale, GM kept its Euclid manufacturing plants in Scotland and Canada and was allowed to build and sell off-highway trucks to other parts of the world (or perhaps just the markets these plants used to serve, I am not sure).

    Therefore, the Canadian and Scotland plants continued making the old lines of R-series trucks for years afterwards, while in the US, Terex started developing an all-new line of trucks, ready to release after the 5 year embargo ended.

    Meanwhile, White Motor Corps new division, "Euclid, Inc." was also producing the same R-series haulers as were built previously by the Euclid Division of GM....but I don't know if they also made the R-17 (I am pretty sure this model was never sold in the US).

    euclid-pg-83a.jpg euclid-pg-83b.jpg euclid-pg-84a.jpg euclid-pg-87a.jpg euclid-cover.jpg


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