Reed-Prentice geared head lathe available
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    Default Reed-Prentice geared head lathe available

    I only saw this machine last week and didn't have my camera with me. This is the story...the machine is in a shop in Upton Mass. The gentleman who owned the shop died unexpectedly and the owner of the property - who was a close friend - is trying to clear it out. There is no family involved and most of what is taken in will go to the long-time partner of the deceased. The lathe appears to be 14" to maybe 16" with a fairly short bed. In what I would call good condition with some tooling although everything is dirty. It isn't rusty, has not been left outdoors and I doubt has been used much in the last 20 years. I am certain that any tooling that fits it will go with it but it may take some looking to identify them. I'm certain the price will be very reasonable...most likely he will just ask for an offer and he's entirely realistic about the difficulty of moving stuff like this. To say the place is a challenge is an understatement. The lathe is next to the door and I only noticed it the third time I was in there.

    I believe it is wired 110. There is a motor mounted on top and the building does not have 3-phase power. It can probably be powered up where it sits but I didn't try. It has a 3-jaw chuck with reversible jaws on it and there may be other chucks. As it is, it will probably be a month before the area between the lathe and the loading doors is clear so at best it could be viewed and assessed but I doubt it can be moved immediately. This is not one of those "we have to get everything out in the next two weeks" situations.

    If anyone is interested in taking a look send me a PM and I'll give you the phone number of the gentleman to call but I don't want to post his phone number on the internet. The lathe is very similar to the Prentice 16" that John Oder has posted catalog illustrations of in another thread on a similar machine.

    I'll get some photos the next time I'm up there but that may not be for a couple of weeks or more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 99Panhard View Post
    I'll get some photos the next time I'm up there but that may not be for a couple of weeks or more.
    Might pop an email or PM to PM Member PaulM right IN Upton, Mass. Or ring him up. Great guy!

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