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Thread: Tomet Cold Saw

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    Smile Tomet Cold Saw

    I just bought a Tomet Cold Saw Model 351 at an auction over the weekend.
    Can you guys tell me who makes Tomet Saws and do they have a website?
    Also, can you tell me a ball park figure of what my saw is worth?
    My saw is in great condition, it has a nice angle vice, coolant line with pump, and a 2 speed motor. I also got 3 new carbide tip blades with the saw.

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    They are Italian, and seem to mostly make bandsaws.

    As for value, more info-
    Is your saw a non-ferrous saw- which the carbide tipped blades would suggest?
    A ferrous saw would have speeds of 15 rpm to maybe 70rpm, while a non-ferrous might be anywhere from 1500 rpm to 5000rpm or more.
    What are the two speeds?
    Is it 350mm blade size? (14")
    Is it 3 phase?
    whats it weigh?
    Is it manual, or semi-auto?

    My guess is its probably worth a grand or so, if its manual and slow, ferrous cutting. More if its semi-auto. But its an odd brand, with virtually no US support. So that would make it a harder sell. Blades should be available from the other brands, and you can get HSS blades resharpened.


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