Using FANUC A860-0056-T020, DOSTEK 440A as Papertape Archive Tool
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    Default Using FANUC A860-0056-T020, DOSTEK 440A as Papertape Archive Tool

    Hi - I am not a machinist, I am a computer history hobbyist who wishes to use a papertape reader to help automate the process of archiving computer papertapes. I have a wide variety of tapes to archive for posterity/and to help convert into tape images that can be used in place of a physical reader. I am familiar with using a Teletype to read tapes into a computer but I'd like something that's faster and more reliable.

    I found this post that touches on how one might do what I am trying to do:
    Drip feed Fanuc 6Mb

    To that end I purchased a FANUC A860-0056-T020 with a DOSTEK 440A BTR and the DOSTEK software. This seems to be the right combo of tools to use to read tapes with the FANUC send the data through the DOSTEK 440A and into the RS232 port of a laptop running DOSTEK's software (or some other software) to dump tapes and archive them.

    It appears that the FANUC A860 is just a component within a larger FANUC system, there is no manual for the reader alone (?) at least that I can find. So, I am not confident how to power the FANUC A860. The only thing I found is this manual that references it as part of a larger system here:
    Download PDF Fanuc 6T Maintenance Manual - CNC Manual

    Here are photos of what I have:
    Vintage Computer Photos subject: FANUC - - computer history restoration resources

    I am hoping someone here can help me complete the setup before I attempt to power it on and read a tape.
    1) What are the correct DOSTEK 440A jumper switch settings (or a manual) for the intended use as a gateway between the reader and the serial port of a computer?

    2) How to power the FANUC A860? Can I use 110V directly into the unit or is this DC 24/5 V?
    Here is where I believe one applies power to the FANUC, but is this AC or DC power? If AC can I use 110V or do I have to set up a 220V lead for it?

    3) Will the DOSTEK draw 5V from the FANUC cable or should I power separately, there is a 5V port on the DOSTEK I can use.

    I know more about DC power than AC power. Overall my electronics skills are at the "hobbyist" level making simple circuit board repairs and kits, I am not a professional electrician. I know that there are a lot of others who will benefit from this information, there are still a lot of tapes out there that need to be preserved for posterity-sake before they crumble.

    Thank you in advance

    Bill Degnan

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    Bill, while this is vintage or antique I suggest asking the moderators to move this to the cnc section. There are some members on here that I am certain know how to use your hardware and could answer your question but they will most likely see it in that section.


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