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  1. question for Don....tapping machine business
  2. Finance? Lease or Borrow? Pro's and Con's
  3. Repairing a relationship with my dealer
  4. Hows Business?
  5. I'm thinking about a new truck
  6. Question for shop owners and machinists.
  7. Lean Manufacturing question
  8. Contemplation on "How to handle comments from employee"
  9. Stupidest thing your boss ever said?
  10. Do you get these phone calls about government work?
  11. Machinist help wanted ads
  12. employee stuff
  13. Is there no cnc machinist on the market??
  14. Interview With A CNC Machinist / CADCAM Programmer
  15. POLL: SHOP OWNERS, How many employees, years in biz, etc
  16. Building costs estimate for new shop ?
  17. RFQ Connection.....anybody?
  18. I am having a growth problem.
  19. Who's running America's Best Machine Shops ?
  20. The psycology of sales
  21. OT: what to wear for job interview
  22. Question for shop owners, what if ?
  23. ot when to say *&^%it and just hire it done.
  24. I think it's about time to give thanks to the guys in the shop.
  25. What to do with a PITA co-worker?
  26. Shop owners--- How do you deal with a bad week and not wanting to do anything.
  27. Giving job references
  28. Wannabe Engineers as Customers
  29. "Alternative to Lock out/ Tag out"
  30. OT How to make my resume stand out?
  31. Ever have a problem with Travers Tooling?
  32. Should employees know quote times?
  33. O.T. emploee question
  34. Wages question....
  35. Class A, B, C machinist?
  36. How much are you paying for acetylene?
  37. Shipping carriers and "commercial addresses"
  38. Owners: what do you do when your worst employee "needs" a raise?
  39. Do you praise people for doing a good job?
  40. OT- Who is using Quicken books?
  41. OT-Troubles with shipping/Lost Items FedEx or UPS?
  42. Shop rates
  43. Scap - theft , rampant !
  44. price of steel
  45. ? for used-to-be small shops. how did you scale up your capacity? and...
  46. Question for shop owners, type of work and turn around??
  47. Just how efficient do you think your shop is?
  48. OSHA question for small shops<10 employees
  49. Lift Trucks, OSHA, and the Titanic
  50. OT:Blocking internet to networked machine computers?
  51. Starting a shop.... ???
  52. Wanting to start a business-advice needed
  53. Survey: "What is your purpose for being in business?"
  54. Need to find work or go out of business
  55. Survey Results: For Main Reason to be in Business
  56. Shop facilities... power, sprinklers?
  57. Money Question
  58. Waiting For Payment
  59. problem at work
  60. Machine Shop Location
  61. OT- Warning for businesses from a company called IPA
  62. The economy and CNC shops
  63. A start up
  64. Help me pick a job tittle
  65. New Building
  66. IMTS dates?
  67. OT - Payroll Questions
  68. OT: Drug testing employees, new hires
  69. finding - keeping customers
  70. What CNC magazines do you guys read?
  71. The "Machinist Shortage;" Where's the median?
  72. OT- Suggestions on finding IT "kid" to hire ?
  73. What are programmer/machinist making in your part of the world?
  74. Work Procurement
  75. pros and cons of Gov't work
  76. How much work can I find for a VMC with 20" X-axis travel?
  77. Updates to manufacturing story and new building
  78. OT- transtion from shop floor to desk job?
  79. Will I be asking too much from my employee's
  80. Getting ISO certified. how do?
  81. Anyone ever been told "Not to work so fast?"
  82. Small One Man shops
  83. Am I Asking for too much from an employee?
  84. What do you pay your "operators?"
  85. What trade or regular magazines do you read?
  86. Why do your customers buy from you?
  87. Job websites??? whats the deal???
  88. OT- Employee Bickering
  89. OT Building expansion costs
  90. How to value a machine shop?
  91. How do you all handle "piddley small", high material cost orders?
  92. Math test for new employees
  93. O/T -Business advice
  94. Hiring Accountants
  95. Best prices on Raw Metal?
  96. limiting liability...or, liability insurance? New business
  97. unsolicited visits to shop from NFIB
  98. What would you do differently the next time?
  99. How do you handle material costs on expensive project?
  100. OT? Credit card processing for small business
  101. Small Shop Accounting SIMPLE!
  102. My Parts, Your Parts, or Both. Survey
  103. What is the going rate for Liability Insurance in a one man shop?
  104. customer won't pay
  105. Proposed bailout Yes/No affecting your business?
  106. Proposed bailout Yes/No affecting your business? Moved
  107. Economy and your business
  108. is now the time ???
  109. How did you start your shop ?
  110. Marketing Materials
  111. The Coolest Thing an Employee Did
  112. Hired on Monday, fired today
  113. Collection agency recommendation
  114. Job shops and quotes...
  115. How much more per/hour for third shift?
  116. Mobile phones at work
  117. Web Sites
  118. Benefits
  119. Are your customers especially slow paying ??
  120. Minimum concrete thickness for 19,000lbs CNC
  121. Company Websites . . . are they worth it?
  122. Lending for a new Corp. Where do I turn?
  123. shop wants to find a niche market
  124. I could really use some advise.
  125. What would you do?
  126. Question about your customer's terms and conditions
  127. Layoff/unpaid wages/terminated employment
  128. International Monetary Systems?
  129. Sites like MFG.com, are they worth it?
  130. Who owns the material drop?
  131. Shop lighting, what do you guys want?
  132. Keeping things civil
  133. Semi OT: Quickbooks education
  134. Mailing for business. What works for you.
  135. Quoting material for jobs
  136. Bout at my wits end finding new business
  137. Shop Alarm System
  138. Royalties on trademarked symbols
  139. would you lower your quoted price in this case?
  140. What brand of end mills does your shop use?
  141. FDIC payment of insured funds
  142. Stupidest thing an employee ever said
  143. Calculating Machine Cycle Times
  144. Hiring previous shop owner ????
  145. need advice on giving a job reference
  146. what industries are recession proof?
  147. Looking for Machine Shop Insurance - need advice
  148. Finally got paid for the job
  149. Starting from Ground up.
  150. When to buy a new spindle?
  151. Capital investment decision
  152. Good news, at last ROI.
  153. Anyone use efax? or other web based fax service?
  154. how to decide about outsourcing?
  155. Decent web site costs?
  156. Quicken or Quick Books?
  157. Work Load Forecast
  158. Starting a machine shop business... regulations
  159. Material mark up
  160. Are you still getting paid for your chips?
  161. How about a Deadbeat Customer List?
  162. How do you think about "click to make"?
  163. Government work
  164. Help me understand.
  165. need some idea of price
  166. dedicated process policy
  167. New Rookie in Town!
  168. Can a building still burn down with a sprinkler system ?
  169. Finance/lease or pay a machine cash?
  170. Not using computers to our advantage
  171. Are you feeling the economic meltdown???
  172. Christmas bonus
  173. How is the Clean Air Act affecting your productivity
  174. Machine shop lawsuit and insurance issues
  175. How do you approach a large Co. to offer Services?
  176. Who'd be a shop owner?
  177. How big is your shop?
  178. Poll: Number of CNC Machines
  179. Making a living with manual machines
  180. Holidays coming soon, what do you get for customers?
  181. New Startup Paperwork/job, materials tracking
  182. WOT: Any MBA business consultants here?
  183. Business Taxes / Depreciations
  184. Workflow and shop layout
  185. Shop Rates
  186. MSDS Question.
  187. Is ISO or TS holding you back
  188. Starting up and need advice
  189. Year End Machine Deduction
  190. Thomas.net Websites?
  191. Past Due Accounts / Charging Interest
  192. Copyright a design for protection???
  193. Way to find large local Corps. to work for
  194. Looking for coolant tank cleaning companies
  195. Reverse web searches - maybe google
  196. Is anyone buying machines today?
  197. debt and your business
  198. Purchase Order fine print....what does YOURS say?
  199. Somewhat OT: Self Employment - A blessing or a curse??
  200. IPA...scammers at it again
  201. Equpment lease questions
  202. Workload?
  203. AS9100 Certification
  204. The coming Government money. How do I get it?
  205. work from home or rent space
  206. Q on tagging/labeling parts ,etc in the shop
  207. Machinery leasing companies must be getting desperate
  208. Is anyone using Microsoft Dynamics AX in thier small shop?
  209. The low quoters
  210. MS access data base for mfg and quality control
  211. Self employment a different way
  212. Sales rep agreements and experiences?
  213. Offering CNC programming services worth it?
  214. anyone use mfg.com?
  215. background check
  216. Self Employment - A blessing or curse - part II
  217. What Ecom shopping cart application are you using for your website?
  218. Debt Collection Procedure
  219. Health Insurance
  220. Looking for a shoe to the Head.
  221. Direct Mail Advertising - What Promotional Gifts Do You Like?
  222. Minimal or less work load? How about getting LEAN?
  223. Packaging products. Economical ways
  224. scrap rate?
  225. How long to wait before starting "rush jobs"
  226. How to determine employee worth?
  227. Managing Work Load
  228. Building height vs heating cost
  229. Any one ever demand to know your customer before they can start a job?
  230. stimulus money
  231. Who here markets their web page in some fashion?
  232. What’s the best way to sell a shop?
  233. ethics question
  234. Visitors to your shop ?
  235. How long do you give your customers to pay you?
  236. Lost Parts
  237. Location of shops
  238. OT: Keeping customers informed
  239. production machining
  240. Something that really bothers me- A proper Handshake!
  241. Should I pay for all this repair time?
  242. Shop Software
  243. small shops hourly rate
  244. presenting quotes
  245. Customer back charges for lost time on machine
  246. confirming customer recieved invoice?
  247. Chip Storage and Removal
  248. How to quote
  249. General Liability Insurance....is this covered ???
  250. Reordered just became easier