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  1. New Routing & Engraving Software
  2. smoothing out movements on CNC router
  3. Mounting router to CNC spindle
  4. VCarved and Gilded Signs
  5. 1990's vintage Allen Bradley controls- no good ?
  6. My Miniature Tool Chest
  7. How flat should a tablesaw (for wood) table be?
  8. making custom router bits and profile cutters.
  9. Humorous machinery delivery
  10. Rust prevention ?
  11. Sharpening jointer/planer knives on surface grinder
  12. Don't touch that table saw blade!
  13. Don't touch that table saw blade!
  14. OT - best value in compound sliding miter saw?
  15. A Table Saw that can't cut your finger off
  16. OT woodworking combo machine
  17. CNC router accuracy
  18. O/T What's the best wood glue for furniture
  19. Just saw a VERY interesting safety device
  20. Milling new head for 24" planer
  21. OT- Wood pellet woopala ......latest industrial size heating fad
  22. More miniature turning.....
  23. Has anybody made thier own tool box?
  24. Just bought my first, & also last, Gerstner chest...
  25. Semi OT- comparing woodworking machines to metal working
  26. More on the Gerstner box..... what makes a Gerstner a Gerstner?
  27. Metalworker/Woodworker - Who's doing/done both?
  28. INCREDIBLE Pattern Makers wood lathe on eBay
  29. OT- Woodworking humor, true story
  30. Machining Koa (Wood)
  31. OT: Automatic vacuum circuit for mitre/table saw?
  32. Diehl Lumber jointer weight?
  33. OT- table saw motors
  34. Bridgeport for wood? Ebay...Truthfull seller?
  35. Question for the carpenters here
  36. Using Metal lathe to turn wood????
  37. OT : Anyone with plans to make a tenon cutter for log furniture ?
  38. O.T. looking for woodworking shaper manual
  39. OT:Need help figuring angle for woodworking cut
  40. Griggio T-1000 (wood) shaper, info needed
  41. Tailstock on wood lathe
  42. Help Restore Old Felt Lined Starrett Box
  43. Maple Top Workbenches - any good ones?
  44. Making new bolts for a jointer cutterhead.
  45. OT- What is the finest kerf hand saw on the planet ?
  46. OT:What to do with 1000's of board feet of red oak lumber?
  47. OT but obliquely related: Where is the PM equivellant for woodworking?
  48. OT- Fixture for sharpening (wood) planer knives in the head exist ?
  49. OT - pricing oak lumber
  50. OT- Wood planes
  51. Make spur or helical gears out of wood on a tablesaw.
  52. Sharpening Planer knives
  53. OT: Gold leafing on wood, how to?
  54. Machining Tap & Die for Woodworking
  55. CNC woodworking machinery- how's prices holding up ?
  56. Make Wooden Handles
  57. OT- foley sharpening manual??
  58. compound for a wood lathe?
  59. Sam Maloof Has Passed Away
  60. OT Granite top table saw
  61. sealed or shielded bearings in woodworking equipment
  62. Ot: If you had a few thousand $$$ to spend on woodworking equipment you'd buy???
  63. OT greasing table saw gear
  64. OT Hardy-Board Effects on Table Saw
  65. OT: Carpentry forums?
  66. OT: Staining Wood
  67. OT wood finishing
  68. Bandsaw (high speed vertical) blade tracking question
  69. OT- $1200 Table Saw uses no electricity
  70. 10 inch Rip Blades
  71. wood cutting on vertical mill? raised pannel shaper cutter..
  72. OT: ATTN wood workers-Spiral planer heads
  73. OT- Wood planer Recommendations wanted
  74. Tell Us About Your Gerstner
  75. Woodworking? clamping fixture for compound mitered pyramid?
  76. slightly OT for woodwackers: tablesaw motor HP size
  77. OT: New Yankee Workshop Ends Programming
  78. Need Opinion On Best Mini CNC Router
  79. What is the current state of used woodworking machinery market ?
  80. An early woodworking plane by George Wilson
  81. How a Gerstner box is made
  82. Oil for 14k wood shaper bearings?
  83. Wood Router People??
  84. OT: Gorilla glue - how remove from skin?
  85. Cnc router for wood plate work
  86. Current state of late woodworking machinery prices at live auctions ?
  87. OT- Woodworking forums - Where to ask about a 2000 year moulder weight ?
  88. OT: Woodworking Forums Similar to Practical Machinist
  89. Way OT: Shopmaster table saw
  90. An Inlaid 17th.C. Italian Style Guitar I made
  91. A cherry tool chest I built.
  92. Slghtly OT; wood lathe center stuck, whooping my behind
  93. Tips on glueing Ebony
  94. 20' long linear rails for cnc?
  95. Sharing my techniques in making Miniatures by teaching
  96. Cool ideas for secret compartments in your next tool chest
  97. The ultimate *small* CNC router ?
  98. Bearing replacement in Yates #3 Shaper
  99. What's a good router for 1/8" bits?
  100. The Dead Wood Concept.
  101. Hitachi knife/blade steel:anyone use it?
  102. V-Groove Cutter for Tablesaw?
  103. OT: how do you cut a 2 x 4 in long wedges on a table saw?
  104. Enlarging woodworking saw arbor hole
  105. Ultimate 10 inch tablesaw ?
  106. Wilton Woodworking Vise -161137-10
  107. Motor bearing replacement on old tablesaw.
  108. AB 8400MP control- "open battery" error..
  109. Which Table Saw Would You Keep?
  110. OT- AWFS in Las Vegas compared to IWF in Atlanta ?
  111. OT Dust/particle renoval
  112. Sliding table saw hold down- Alternative source
  113. Tablesaw blade hoods.. why front wheels ?
  114. Woodworking- Mid size chisel mortiser and small tenoner suggestions ?
  115. Typical vacuum size for CNC router ?
  116. Coolant stains on wood
  117. Woodworking - Barrel Stave Pattern
  118. OT Working with Corian
  119. OT: Radial arm saw's, some tend to grab more than others
  120. "32mm system" dowel drilling Q's (wood)
  121. Learning to make casting pattern for spindles
  122. Lightest duty CNC router with servos, ballscrews and a proper control ?
  123. CNC router horizontal cutter attachment sources ?
  124. A boxwood plane I made in 1970
  125. Komo Machine - Anyone here know their history ?
  126. CNC Router folks- Air cooled spindle, air requirements ?
  127. CNC router aggregate head - rebuild or hopeless ?
  128. Woodworking on Metalworking Machines
  129. Does anyone teach Pattern Making?
  130. Rojek woodworking machines any good ?
  131. Woodworking shaper - Potential uses for tilting spindle ?
  132. More woodworking - Spiral cutterheads on jointers
  133. Martin woodworking machines- Anyone here keep up with their designs over the years ?
  134. Wood planers - table rollers or not ?
  135. Gantry router stiffness limitations, recommendations please!
  136. Wood jointers- Anything remotely comparable to Martin but smaller ?
  137. Need help locating a woodworking machine shop
  138. Measurement dials built into center of handwheels ?
  139. Woodworking equivalent of PM & Delta Invicta RC51 planer
  140. Jaw dropping woodworking hobby shop (video)
  141. Woodworking shaper measurement tool- Distometer ?
  142. How good is good enough for woodworking machine set up? Looking for a 45 degree Set U
  143. OT- How to find a list of the best woodworkers in the Asheville, NC area ?
  144. Forestor 900 resaw (UK) Anyone know anything about the saw or company ?
  145. offset issues with cnc router - Fanuc 18i controller
  146. (Wood) doweling machine Q's
  147. What steel to make cutterhead for woodworking planer.
  148. Woodworking- Altendorf F-45 slider tablesaw question.
  149. Advice needed on seller who defaulted on a sale
  150. Woodwackers.... who made the ultimate manual modern style stroke sander ?
  151. Purpose of twin spindle Woodworking shapers with CW & CCW planer type cutters?
  152. Woodturner wants to make a tool
  153. [email protected], Stephen T, et al... the book, Production Woodworking Equipment
  154. adapting a wood shaper cutter to my open CNC bed mill?
  155. Source of Italian handwheels in USA ?
  156. How do they get 35mm OD bearings in these 34mm bore plastic wheels ?
  157. Programmable motorized fence retrofit for tablesaws, Any besides TigerStop ?
  158. CNC Router with Toolchanger?
  159. Got a screaming deal on a CNC router today - does anyone recognize this model?
  160. What's a good single speed for this 36inch belt sander?
  161. Stumbled on a video that demos my one patent
  162. name and supplier for the "brush" around a woodworking dust cover for a cnc
  163. OT: Wood refinishing and repair question.
  164. Woodwackers - Ever seen a used cross cut fence for sliding table saw for sale ?
  165. Moglice for table saw fence?
  166. OT: A storeroom full of woodworking equipment, but I couldn't appreciate what I saw.
  167. Roller support (for table saw) recommendations ?
  168. Source of table saw blades 315 to 350mm with 30mm hole and 10mm pin holes ?
  169. OT- Anyone know of a huge woodworking manufacturing company near Waterloo, Iowa ?
  170. Carbide tipped bandsaw blades.... how large are the tips ?
  171. OT: Curiosity, no Japanese commerical woodworking equip. sold in the US?
  172. How does a tablesaw with motorized tilt, tilt so accurately ?
  173. Explosion proof dust collectors for woodworking - Who make's *portable* ones ?
  174. Dust collection- Metric to inch standard output hose adapters ..sources ?
  175. Turning a large wood spinner die
  176. Using large sliding tablesaw to rip solid boards against the fence - Awkward or not ?
  177. Sliding table saw owners... how long is your cross cut fence ? Need to know quick !
  178. OT : Safest jointer design?
  179. Robinson Band Saws
  180. Repair of tablesaw crosscut fence flip stop (photos) question
  181. Source of 5 inch flexible dust collection hose ? (for wood dust in this case)
  182. Advice on selection of wood, or finding the woodworking equivalent of this website?
  183. First
  184. CNC router vs older VMC
  185. wanted: cope head assembly (complete) for Millbury BT-112 tenoner
  186. FWIW, I have haphazardly moved some posts from General Forum here but
  187. Wedge vs parallelogram jointer beds?
  188. since we have been talking door construction.....a pic.
  189. Why no moderator here...
  190. Fire place mantel,... how big and out of what?
  191. Accu-systems DS1 Dowel inserter Q's
  192. Suggestions for keywords to find old woodworking posts on PM and move here ?
  193. Workmanship of risk, control issues, and tooling: how many make their own?
  194. How about a 'For sale' sticky for woodworking tools and machinery?
  195. Walnut- why and how is it steamed?
  196. Ideal bed length of jointers
  197. Parts for a Spotnails TEB1832 ?
  198. Plastic collated brads for pin nailer?
  199. Best CNC for woodwork
  200. What Kind Of Wood For Turning?
  201. Pool cue related video/Ernie Guitierrez/Ginacue
  202. Sawstop table saw comments
  203. Woodworking magazines - what is "respected" these days?
  204. Booster blowers and cyclones
  205. Crappy but like new woodworking machines I need to sell for widow...prices ?
  206. Woods that will not stain damp clothing?
  207. Carbide insert spiral planer heads...worth it?
  208. Shopsmith - gadget or capable tool?
  209. Saw blade sharping
  210. A small project.
  211. "Traditional" finishes: experiences & comments?
  212. online source for specialty screws for woodworking machines?
  213. Interesting 4-head molder for sale
  214. Can You Help ID This American Edger / Jointer
  215. Crescent Universal Tulsa
  216. OT - "Heat treating" dried wood to get rid of bugs
  217. Delta shaper
  218. Wood trench art.
  219. Ever paid any attention to Stickley Furniture ? (recent not old)
  220. Grain orientation for clamps
  221. Possible to compress any wood species to make it denser?
  222. MULTIFORM Moulding Plane Company History ?
  223. A picture of wooden planes we made in the toolmaker's shop
  224. Harvestable or recoverable wood, which is cherished most?
  225. 14" Delta Rockwell band saw (Pittsburgh)
  226. Need a good brush for shellac
  227. Terrco Duplicarver/Stock Carver
  228. A metal hand plane I made
  229. REX Jointer, nearly 35" wide !
  230. How Sharp is your Plane?
  231. a cool corner canimet-My Great Great uncle circa 1890.
  232. Difficulty making .022 x .080 ebony strips - help!
  233. Outdoor furniture ideas from my Danish garden
  234. Dress & laminate pressure treated lumber? Possible?
  235. Kezuroukai, Planing Competition
  236. Delta DJ-15 jointer bed length ...........
  237. Can anyone recomend a shop with CNC router in New England
  238. Wadkin Ltd. Green Lane Works, Leiceter
  239. Jointing carbide inserts in Byrd head
  240. Japanese (wood) planing competition
  241. CNC router bits
  242. A new film is just out on lumber harvesting.
  243. turning/cutting spiral column questions
  244. Oddball crescent planer with 2 additonal edging heads
  245. Best steel for threaded cutter shank - horiz morticing machine
  246. Feed roller rubber
  247. Kindt Collins Disc Sanders
  248. Apollo woodpecker
  249. Most quiet running blade for tablesaw ?
  250. Cast Iron and its Stability