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  32. Looking for more information (specifically equipment and materials) on SLS/SLA. . .
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  35. Can seals, gaskets or o-rings be printed?
  36. How do you find professional 3D Printing Suppliers?
  37. LIX 3D Printing Pen - Shut up and take my money!!!
  38. Prosumer Printer makergear M2 Or ultimaker 2
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  42. "The Star Trek Replicator"
  43. 3D Printers to Print Objects 400X’s Stronger Than Current Standards
  44. Printing a Cresent Wrench
  45. Anyone here familiar with this printer?
  46. 3D printing fixtures. Surprisingly effective for small run work.
  47. Measuring internal voids
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  49. Hi, new to this forum and the 3d printers have my interest
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  59. I am fascinated and have a question for you experts.
  60. Are there 3d printers that could make something 6x15.5x25.5?
  61. OT, toy for son
  62. Going From Printed to Production
  63. driveable cobra 3d printed
  64. 3D printing with Urethane?
  65. who does scanning and what do you charge?
  66. First Jet Engine 3D printed
  67. Make your own filament!
  68. Anyone with experience with 3d printed female investment molds for parts?
  69. I picked up my new 3D printer at Home Depot today....
  70. Carbon3D
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  73. Arburgs Freeformer, any body have one?
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  79. Professional level 3D Printers, Objet or ? ~$50k Budget
  80. 3D printed Keychain/bottle opener
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  83. Preprocessor for laser metal depostion with robotic arm
  84. typical feed rate/deposition rate?
  85. Information on 3d printers for someone that is really "green"
  86. For those who know nothing about 3D printers, Bigbox 3D Printer from E3D.
  87. Looking for Beginner 3D printer
  88. Workshop Widgets you have printed?
  89. Micro 3D printer®
  90. Additive manufacturing's impact on subtractive manufacturing
  91. Nylon FDM
  92. Eliminating belts from the design?
  93. Programming language opinions for powder bed open source?
  94. Post -process on metallic additive manufacturing parts
  95. 3D primer recommendations?
  96. $10k-20k 3D printers
  97. Macro Photo of 3D printed surface finish
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  99. ZCorp Zprinter 310
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  107. Acetone Vapor For PLA?
  108. Da Vinci XYZ 3D printer
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  110. You folks familiar with the Markforged printer? Nylon-Carbon Fiber-Kevlar-Fiberglass
  111. 3D printing rubber like materials
  112. Tungsten carbide / alumina / zirconium ceramic additive forming
  113. Very approximate cost of Ti printed parts
  114. 3D printing PDMS, looking for a low end commerical grade, realiable machine
  115. OT, sort of- 3D printing enters the nuclear age.
  116. 3 in 1 3d printer, mill and laser
  117. Formlabs Form 2, 3D Systems CubePro, or Stratasys Mojo ? Which would you buy and why
  118. Question: Job Shop Applications for non-metal Additive Machine?
  119. SLA or FDM what are the pros and cons of each?
  120. Additive Manufacturing: Printing the Future of Naval Aviation
  121. New metal manufacturing process for addive manufacturing?
  122. Recycle ABS/PLA rejects
  123. This steel 3d printing machine makes machinists obsolete. Goodbye machinists!
  124. Looking for Production SLA machine
  125. Hot ends/extruder feeder replacement?
  126. looking at 3d printers- who's reviews do you believe
  127. Stratasys Dimension 768 price and printing sample pictures
  128. 3D printing a pizza
  129. Bonaire !!
  130. Chemical Compatibility of FDM Matls vs Machine Coolant
  131. Clocks charge batteries
  132. Boeing to 3D print titanium Dreamliner parts, according to Reuters
  133. Want a quote on Prototyping my bat
  134. New 3d metal printer-Looking good!
  135. 3D Printed Cutting Tools
  136. Can anyone here print metal for a rota mold???
  137. Affordable 3D Metal(ish?) Printer - Low Tolerance/Hobby Use
  138. CNC Machining and 3-D Printing: Complementary Techniques Shape the Future
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  142. Using 3D printer to recreate bones
  143. Did you guys see this from footwear industry?
  144. Got the grandson a 3d printer
  145. New to us, MarkForged MarkII
  146. Modix?
  147. Possible to 3D Print Wood Part?
  148. Type A series 1
  149. post processing layer lines on flexible filament
  150. Current pricing of metal 3D printers?
  151. Printing a rocket engine and fuel tank for NASA.
  152. small job, looking for skilled/experienced 3D.....
  153. 3D printer for smaller protypes?
  154. Can I use a Fadal 3016 w/4th axis for a 3D Printer?
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  156. Additive Manufcaturing-Nesting Spacing
  157. Space qualified pressure tank from additive machining
  158. Printing an intake manifold?
  159. 17-4 PH stainless steel H900 heat treat through Protolabs
  160. question about printing Gasoline/Diesel containers
  161. Open source 3-D files are ripping my patents Pending
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  163. Half Round Metal Plate
  164. Is this a candidate for metal printing?
  165. Cutting off the parts
  166. How to harden tin?
  167. Dimensional Quality in prints
  168. Introducing the Form 3 and Form 3L!
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  170. Seeking model-maker to replicate worn shredder gear
  171. 3D metal printing
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  173. Any print on demand services offering Nylon 6 for SLS printing?
  174. Desktop metal printing gets cheaper