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  1. Colchester Chipmaster Help needed
  2. G&L Headstock Way Oiling
  3. Scraping with an angle grinder
  4. Leather Gloves with Magnet attached
  5. Scraping a Wells Index
  6. Scraping a Wells Index
  7. New guy with the same old Mill.
  8. Experience "True Level" video
  9. New suply of 36" SE's for sale on the for sale forum.
  10. 1440 Gap bed lathe problem to solve
  11. Good way to refit the "rotation locator pin" ?
  12. OT a bit 12" - 2 Angle Camel Back Straight-edge
  13. Step scraping questions
  14. Logan 210
  15. Reeves pulley rebuild
  16. Cooling fan for spindle drive motor
  17. Selection of Straight Edges in need of resurfacing - no suitable referance to start
  18. Renz??? scraper, how to adjust stroke?
  19. Drum Switch wiring for a 120 v Dayton motor
  20. Oklahoma Scraping - Rebuilding Class in September 2018
  21. Scraping Advise
  22. Scraping a 30x84" cast iron surface plate
  23. Poor mans Glendo Sharpener
  24. plain bearing
  25. Vintage Cast Iron SP - no feet ?
  26. UPDATE on Things related to Vibration Stress relief on Straight-edges.
  27. Delta 28-365 gearbox pulley removal
  28. Norway Scraping Connection
  29. Stuck key removal
  30. Machining and scraping a Denis Foster’s 36” Featherweight Straightedge at Tuckahoe
  31. lathe rebuild video
  32. South Bend Lathe
  33. 72" CAST IRON SCRAPING MASTERS - Straight Edges
  34. New Featherweight Design 18" SE/Prism/Parallel/Precision Level Nearing Nearly Done
  35. Harbots Surface Grinder Rebuilding Advice Request
  36. Planing Straight Edge Set Up
  37. Pratt and Whitney disassembly
  38. Cost of totally rebuilding a Bridgeport ?
  39. Scraping beaten up way end / how long should be the straightedge ?
  40. Preventing machine rebuild and way scraping - scheduled maintenance
  41. Dreis & Krump Box and Pan Brake
  42. HELP PLEASE Spindle Rebuild Mill Partner 1
  43. Question What happens if you grind both the bed and carriage of a lathe and no more
  44. What are the tricks of the trade for a manual mill cutting oil recycling system?
  45. My 36" King-Way Straight Edge
  46. Colchester Chipmaster Headstock Oil
  47. Help Identifying Electronics System in Unknown Mill
  48. Austrian scraping class - novenber 2018
  49. Looking for Cast Iron Protractor
  50. Snapped bed casting, C.I. repair advice?
  51. Biax Scraper Instruction Manual (circa 1961)
  52. Advice sought on making straight edges from Lathe bed
  53. 3D printed camelback SE patterns
  54. Need help with a Lagun Mill.
  55. Want to learn to scrape next week? Aug 2, 2018
  56. Heating bearings
  57. Mazak ACE refurb
  58. Great Manual for setup and testing CNC and Manual Machines you need to see
  59. What to do with worn hardend ways and Grinding ways
  60. Reid 618 V-L that needs spindle rebuilt - any value?
  61. Calculatiing dividing head
  62. 2nd? hand planers - what to consider?
  63. What to do with DP loose quill
  64. Palmgren specific rotary table lubrication question.
  65. Brand new mill table hardness dilemma.
  66. Surface grinder spindle question
  67. Millermatic 300 Hass Kamp Conversion
  68. Help to identify this lathe, please
  69. Darex E95 Rebuild
  70. UPCOMING SCRAPING CLASSES & My Retirement date
  71. OT - Scraping in a different industry
  72. headstock ------repurpose
  73. Fadal Head Rebuild questions
  74. Help putting old lathe back togeather
  75. Help putting old lathe back togeather
  76. large format radius scraping
  77. Harig 612 inspection
  78. Knee Screw Housing Cracked?
  79. Large Straight Edge Questions
  80. Timken Bearing Quality Classes
  81. It is a real problem to locate surface pate inspection and resurfacing companies
  82. Looking for help in Minnesota restoring a Southbend 10K
  83. Oil recommendations for a Rambaudi V2?
  84. Granite Surface plate certification / lapping companies in North America / world
  85. Machine Tool Reconditioning / Rebuilding Companies around North America & World
  86. Bridgeport ram won't slide
  87. D1-5 Camlock Studs
  88. Machine Scraping Denver/Boulder
  89. Scraping sealing surfaces
  90. Texas Scraping Class # 5 February 22nd 2019
  91. Sheldon Spindle Bearing Adjustment?
  92. Oil seal for Studer RHU-500 grinding head
  93. Chuck stuck on Clausing 4900 lathe.
  94. Reconditioning a shaper
  95. Nardini Bearing Preload?
  96. 17" Clausing Colchester half nut adjustment
  97. Hilgar Watts 12" level
  98. Surface plate mounting question
  99. Suggestions for stripping off 30 years of machine oil varnish - Hardinge DV59
  100. Source for 14MMx2.5 left hand bronze nut
  101. Hendey 12x7 lathe 8 speed head
  102. The Question That's Gonna Get Me Kicked Off The Forum........Turcite B
  103. 72" Brown & Sharpe Straight Edge Tests
  104. Plain Bearing Journal Repair, Concentricity Requirements
  105. Installation of Rulon 142 Wearstrip material
  106. Victoria (Elliottt) U2 mill
  107. 45 Deg. dovetail casting from Core Print
  108. Charbonnel Aqua Wash inks, your experience ?
  109. Selling most of my scraping collection
  110. Rob Renz on Moore Pattern Scraping (and related) Video
  111. Gibs/ pressure plate replacement for Keller 3H power hacksaw
  112. Re-Machining a worn out shaper
  113. Hammond grinder bearing questions
  114. Springfield VT scraping class May 2019
  115. Fadal Turcite Advice
  116. Excello 602 head removal
  117. diametar and taper incostistencies
  118. Two straight edges and a collimator with no granite large enough.
  119. LeBlond Dual Drive Cross slide and compound removal/installation.
  120. Kingway question/idea......
  121. Inspecting a shaper base
  122. Scraping Scratches
  123. Can't figure out how to align lathe pulleys
  124. Scraping a King-Way Straight-edge and the Scraping Classes
  125. Where to support a grinder table when scraping?
  126. Looking for scraping services in the West Michigan area for a Bridgeport table/saddle
  127. “USSR” machinist straightedges NOS any good?
  128. Texas Based Straight Edges and South Bend Tools Maker
  129. Box way rust
  130. A hooligan fit my saddle gib. Anyone in Pittsburgh able to mentor the fix?
  131. Alliant TMV- Head Vertical Tilt Worm Gear Freewheel, Table Removal Stuck At Gibs
  132. Jones & Lamson No 3 turret lathe
  133. Mori Seiki sl25 green paint
  134. Jones and Lamson No 3 Turret Lathe
  135. 3-Jaw Chuck is Jammed/Frozen
  136. cincinnatti no 1 T&C grinder spindle rebuild
  137. Bearing Question - IC783
  138. Gib turcite
  139. Clunker lathe chuck rehab method.
  140. Kingway copy on a Lodge & Shipley Powerturn
  141. Sharp 13X40VS cross slide crumbling
  142. Need Sheldon help :( looking for a diagram
  143. How do I take this apart?
  144. Turcite breaking off CNC knee mill: Which way to go from here?
  145. Trailer Hooked and Ready To Roll
  146. Draft plan for replacing turcite on CNC knee mill saddle
  147. Identifying Straight Edge Patterns
  148. Shizuoka AN-S need help tramming head
  149. Russian scraper blades?
  150. Scraping classes 2019 in usa, austria and posibly the uk
  151. Biax hand & Power scraper info. All types too
  152. How to grind precise radius on scraping blades and more - Stefan's YT video
  153. lead screw diameters for ball vs acme.
  154. Compressor restoration
  155. Biax shoe loctite?
  156. What is acceptable proccess to rework planer table?
  157. twist in the top of a cross slide
  158. Fadal Rulon - give all the axes a little love.
  159. What is a good way to store a straight edge?
  160. Taut Wire Questions
  161. How to determine which surface to scrape first on a bed ways.
  162. How to determine which surface to scrape first on a bed ways.
  163. Sidney Lathe, Chuck Removal
  164. Fixing a Ward 2C Wheel gap/play
  165. Enco Parts - Grizzley Interchange Perhaps?
  166. Scraping turcite.
  167. Happy New Year and forum posting advisory
  168. Gibbs design and implementation
  169. Gib straightening press
  170. Barber Coleman Rebuilding in SE Wisconsin?
  171. Where to send a coumpound for repair?
  172. Eco Eisele VMSIIPV paint?
  173. Metal Shapers Book
  174. Under the skin of Haas VF-1
  175. #3 MT bore in tail stock rough...
  176. Remedy for scratch ways?
  177. G & L rebuild
  178. South Bend 16" Restoration Service - NYS
  179. Ink transfer in cold weather?
  180. What is in your bag of tricks to take off the grime on a 80 year old machine?
  181. Uma 17 lathe electrolysis and reconditioning
  182. Metal Shapers Book
  183. Scraping Classs in South Dakota - 2019
  184. Scraping class in Vacaville CA . April 24-28, 2019 (Wed-Sun)
  185. CA scraping class April 2019
  186. Honing Tailstock Bore: Is a portable Sunnen adequate?
  187. Camelback Straight Edge - It Moved On Me
  188. Scraping aluminum?
  189. Handscraper choices for your scraping needs
  190. derusting a Crozier surface plate
  191. Female V-way Strategy
  192. Vesconite vs Turcite
  193. Nardini 1440
  194. New scraper
  195. Russian precision scraping
  196. Anyone know what happened to Miller Machine ?
  197. Practicalities of round indicator stand base
  198. Turcite uk
  199. Rockwell 11x37 worth trying to repair?
  200. Why not scrape in reverse?
  201. Holbrook T13 - Lathe Spindle Plane Bearings
  202. what material should I use for a new tailstock quill?
  203. Cnc lathe alignment mystery
  204. MIG brazing to build up worn surface?
  205. Box-way machines - Machine the underside of the box-ways?
  206. Say hello to my new little square friends
  207. Blind bearing oil holes, no oil gets thru
  208. Keith Rucker straight edges?
  209. 48 or 52 or 54" What Length to Chose for the Next Featherweight Camelback?
  210. Denis Foster 18" Straight Edge / Prism
  211. Scraping classes late summer 2019
  212. Bed grinding
  213. 72" & 60" SCRAPING MASTERS & Biax Scraper
  214. Oil pockets or grooves on cylindrical grinder swivel table?
  215. Masking tape on machinery - When to peel after painting?
  216. Emco maximat super 11
  217. 2019 Scraping Classes in Austria Announcment
  218. Scraping stuff on CL that showed up on the tools for sale wanted forum
  219. My new Wells Index model 55 getting a rebuild
  220. surface grinder magnet
  221. clausing 6900 tailstock slipping need tighting
  222. A few old photos from Craven Manchester
  223. Adressing galled surfaces in gear assembly
  224. New bed, what tools do i need?
  225. Help with Enco rotary table disassembly
  226. Source for a dovetail scraping reference?
  227. surface grinder roller-ways reconditioning
  228. Getting a Clausing 4902 lathe bed ground
  229. Video, Planing a lathe bed
  230. Clumpy spray with siphon gun
  231. Dangerous or not?? 2K Paints
  232. Spreading spotting media
  233. Reconditioning old rewinding machine without manuals
  234. cincinnati toolmaster 1-B
  235. Lagun Anilam CNC Mill with broken tab on Y axis gib
  236. Scraping lathe ways /preservation geometry.
  237. Advice on Plan of Attack: Sandord SG-48 Surface Grinder
  238. Rockford IL Rebuilding class set - August 18 - 22, 2019
  239. Is it possible to spray Macropoxy 646 with an inexpensive cup gun?
  240. Scraping a lathe to the limits of mensuration
  241. Considering Casting Simple Grey Iron Prism Shapes for Dovetail References.
  242. Ball bar test results - trying to interpret
  243. Why do 70 Year old Machines areas accuarte as they were when built?
  244. Foster prism
  245. Doosan Puma 240 turcite strip replacement
  246. Rebuilding Classes In Austria - Oct. & Nov. 2019
  247. Scraping Tools listed in Tooling for sale
  248. rambaudi v2 spindle
  249. Great Thread about Planning parts and lathe beds
  250. Asking for your idea on K & T Horizontal & Vertical Mill rebuilds