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  1. Alignment/scraping forum
  2. Reference Straight Edge for Scraping
  3. "Side topic" scraping approach question on Rivett 608
  4. Pics of my Troyke rotary table rebuilt by Condor Machine Tool
  6. Scraping Information
  7. Scraping Jamboree in NW in 2014
  8. scraping lathe bed question
  9. How was the first slideway grinder built??????
  10. Srcaping Class in Kalamazoo Michigan
  11. Scraping Bibliography
  12. what to do with the straight edges
  13. Beginner Scraped Surface Under a Microscope.
  14. pull scraper
  15. Rebuilding / Scraping Class in Sweden
  16. getting my ways scraped
  17. Scraping Class in Kalamazoo - Update
  18. Cast Iron Surface plate Checking and lapping
  19. Problem Measuring Dovetail Parallel on Compound -- Scraping in the Compound
  20. Seeking Straight Edge Selection Advice Plain/Combo with dovetail?
  21. way grinding
  23. Scraping the 608 bed. Where to start?
  24. Machine Scraping class in Mid-Michigan.
  25. machining a new camelback straight edge
  26. Kansas City scraping class Anyone interested
  27. How straight are straight edges?
  28. Scraping a Mill Vise.....Worth it?
  29. Do cast iron surface plates have to be mounted to stay flat?
  30. Trying to scrape some aluminium with a biax, tips?
  31. Machine Rebuilding and Scraping Forum
  32. Scraping a Vee-way: method to proceed?
  33. 36" Feather-weight straight edge progress report. A few things learned.
  34. Filing Before Scraping
  35. I blame you guys (trying out scraping)
  36. King Way Hand Machine Tool Scraping Class to be held in Minnesota
  37. Biax scrapers and their uses
  38. new forum rules of conduct
  39. new forum rules for acceptable content
  40. 24 x 36 cast iron surface plate - qualifying
  41. Granite Surface Plate - AA, A, or B
  42. How much wear can you fix by scraping
  43. Index 645 Way Question
  44. Canode Ink
  45. What PPI under the headstock?
  46. Help me judge my bearing quality progress
  47. link to way grinding posting
  48. Scraping Stone - Burr Removal
  49. How much blue to use.
  50. Wire Mic Set-up on a machine base.
  51. Tools and supplies for scraping
  52. Sticky for posting tools and supplies for scraping
  53. Burr removal NOT with a stone, but with a burr file..?
  54. How deep is Flame hardened Ways
  55. Re-scraping a planer toolhead
  56. questions on Bridgeport chrome ways and how to repair them
  57. video of Fujita surface plate production
  58. Rate of metal removal/hr by scraping
  59. Pull Scrapers---new posts on an old thread
  60. What are you using to sharpen your scraping tools?
  61. Preparing machine for scraping
  62. Suggestion: Greatest Hints thread
  63. 2 granite references printing opposite
  64. Video of measuring a surface plate
  65. Hand Scraper Handle Improvement
  66. Pigment Colors for Printing Your Surface
  67. Is it likely that old castings can creep?
  68. Another Japanese video scraping surface grinders
  69. 45 deg homebrew dovetail straightedge
  70. A question about Granite
  71. Shaft for cast iron bearing
  72. scraping an angle plate
  73. Carrige ways not level with bed.
  74. Camelback SE reconditioning?
  75. Planing a straight edge
  76. Need help for renew my lathe bedways
  77. What paint do you recommend for a lathe reconditioning?
  78. What general tolerances do you scrape to.
  79. Does anyone have some machine maintenance issues?
  80. how do you get machine name plates off
  81. When did you guys have a scraping class in Savannah GA?
  82. Red lead alternative
  83. precision lapping of machine and instruments
  84. American Pacemaker lathe thread
  85. Super Deal on Sanvick Carbide Blades
  86. Best way to deal with tail stock low by .003"
  87. Mitutoyo Heightmatic 574-210 Refurbish Project
  88. How does a repeat'o'meter work?
  89. Kone Cranes Now Rebuilds Machines
  90. Grinding a 3 jaw chuck
  91. video sticky?
  92. DSG compound scraping thread
  93. How to set up a large surface plate
  94. How much longer can this lathe last?
  95. Using a grinder to 'scrape' a hardened part
  96. Use of Moglice on machine tools
  97. Cracked lathe bearing
  98. Lubrication in Machine tools and Machinery
  99. How to rebuild my Acroloc Y-Axis
  100. Reminder to clear your PM message log
  101. boyer-shultz 6x12 surface grinder
  102. What Angle for a Dovetail Prism?
  103. Mattison Grinder Rescrape
  104. West Coast waygrinding by Mail?
  105. Machinery Rebuilders in NE Ohio or close
  106. Looking for new Host shops for Scraping Seminars
  107. Biax flaker travel - is this normal?
  108. Jan Sverre Haugjord YT channel
  109. Reballing ballscrews - lots of questions
  110. Best scraper geometry for Aluminum
  111. Cast iron surface plate recondition?
  112. Opinions on technique?
  113. Just had our Bridgeport Series II Special Table and Saddle Reworked
  114. Saving a Pratt and Whitney 16x54 model C lathe
  115. OT: scraping a cylinder head
  116. Pratt and Whitney Model C lathe carriage
  117. Grinding Table and Ways without Scraping
  118. Trouble with Trak bed mill ways
  119. Make a home made scraper
  120. Students signed up for MN and KC Scraping Classes please read
  121. Retro-fit speed control to old Biax 7 EL
  122. Optical tooling for rebuilding
  123. Camelback straightedge casting source?
  124. Used Granite Plates
  125. A Good Bearing on Turcite or Rulon
  126. What makes the Biax scraper so "unique"
  127. MAZAK Mate J1MT360 Lathe, Junk or Can I fix the cross Slide
  128. Rebuild Mattison Surface Grinder, another one!
  129. Scraping my Boyar Shultz SG, need help! Table ways are hardened.
  130. Drill press pulley and motor shaft wear
  131. BIG surface plate...what to do...
  132. Dick King's scraping class in MN
  133. Melbourne Australia Scraping Class.
  134. Building differential electronic levels?
  135. Scraping & Rebuilding Class In Portland in Feb or March
  136. Hook Scraping
  137. Recondition a Sheldon carrige and slide.
  138. Shop made inspection equipment
  139. Attaching nameplates and other metal tags
  140. Anyone have the Dapra Biax brochure?
  141. To scrape or to grind worn ways?
  142. Machining a camelback straight edge casting
  143. Just a reminder on not posting current tool auctions
  144. A Puzzle for the scrapers to think about
  145. little show and tell, from my angle plate scrape.
  146. Low buck straight edge. Or waste of time?
  147. Wells Index 645 Milling Machine Lubrication
  148. First Time Scraping/Gib Fitting - Advice Needed!
  149. Monarch clean up and re paint?
  150. Parallel Straightedge Build
  151. Bradford spindle repair - recommended welding wire?
  152. Rebuilding / Scraping Seminar in Texas spring 2015
  153. Can this test tell you much?
  154. Flushing Timken Roller Bearings in place
  155. First attempt at scraping...
  156. Bearing Scrapers
  157. Another Lathe ID - "emblem" and: Akzle has fun with gravity.
  158. Best way to clean dirty Turcite?
  159. BIG scraping job, Mattison Grinder
  160. Scraping a tapered gib
  161. I will be working a Trade Show in Germany, April 2015
  162. Sheldon 10" cross slide and compaund disassembly.
  163. How would you resurface this grinders tool rests?
  164. The art of hand scraping
  165. Scraping the sole of a level
  166. Question on Rough scraping surface.
  167. Scraping Lathe Dovetail Ways, Many Questions!
  168. Wolf ZX 100K polymer alloy glideway bearing material?
  169. Interesting flaking pattern on this machine
  171. Opinions on inspected 1.5 hp Bridgeport
  172. trying to rebuild a trroyke rotary axis
  173. Sraping equipment
  174. Old School Scraper Sharpening
  175. Best way to repair quill in cast irion sleave.
  176. Spotting tailstock top sliding surfaces
  177. Lots of rebuilding equipment 4 sale
  178. A challenge: a light weight thermally compensated straightedge
  179. Accu-finish sharpener
  180. Adjusting Lathe Headstock (Harrison AA)
  181. Laser Alignment
  182. Jammed gib in milling machine knee removeal
  183. set up for scraping South Bend 10K lathe
  184. Millrite NVM getting the complete make over..
  185. Biax 4/easl Power Scraper...Any good?
  186. Cleaning Machine Ways and Tables
  187. What is a good first machine to rebuild?
  188. 9" Southbend Rebuild
  189. Anyone near Portland OR interested in Hosting a 2nd Rebuilding Class end of Jan?
  190. Bridgeport way scraping cost
  191. new sticky with good link on rebuilding a HBM
  192. cleaning lathe
  193. camel back straight edge not as flat as I would like.
  194. Clausing 1300 seals
  195. reference material and technical help for Lucas HBM
  196. Info on Dura- Bar Cast Irion
  197. Ben's magnetic straight edge
  198. Best Way to Store an Unused Coolant System?
  199. Where I Buy Bearings, Bushings and Rulon (Turcite)
  200. Four jaw chuck problem
  201. Making vivid blue indications when they are thin and nearly invisible
  202. Lathe ways refurb in Melbourne?
  203. power scraper best ever ?
  204. Colchester tailstock
  205. Determining if lathe spindle bearings need replacing??
  206. Scraping Tooling Advice Needed
  207. Need to true up 10" chuck on 16" SB lathe
  208. Scraping videos
  209. A stones throw
  210. How high is a "high spot"? vague...
  211. When grinding a spindle taper, how do you inspect it?
  212. Melbourne Au Scraping Class
  213. when to switch from roughing to finishing scraping?
  214. Crossfeed Rebuild: Straight or Acme Thread?
  215. Proper method to level a VMC with 6 jacking screws
  216. Peening a bent gib
  217. Help identifying my Biax scraper
  218. Dovetail measuring info
  219. Grinding hardened bed ways video for your amuzement
  220. PORTABLE Machining on Worn Ways
  221. Russian methods/tools.. no grinding!
  222. Video hosting or posting for use on this forum
  223. Shatter..
  224. How do you get point size larger
  225. A Scraper's Nightmare
  226. Machining a camel back straight edge.
  227. Taper attachment binding at farthest ends
  228. Taper attachment turning - uneven results
  229. Precision level
  230. Precision scraping applied to a lutanist's tools.
  231. Reconditioning Challenger 1A618 Surface Grinder.
  232. Checking Interest - Scraping class in the Indianapolis area
  233. Polane B
  234. Can Phenolic be used to substitute for Turcite
  235. Upgrading way lubrication as part of a rebuild.
  236. Use of geometric laser in machine rebuilding/scraping
  237. Refurbishing a Logan 200 Lathe - start to finish progress
  238. inspecting my tree j325, how to do it
  239. 8' planer available in Wisconsin for anyone interested
  240. free Waylock glue kit
  241. South Bend 10K - (un)doin' the twist!
  242. 10K bed & low rent Kingway substitute.
  243. Machining a Straight-Edge
  244. Is my Biax flaker missing a part?
  245. Blanchard grinding service in Atlanta ??
  246. Nice European Iron thread in Deckel forum
  247. Interest in Richard King Scraping Class in Tucson, AZ December 2015 or January 2016?
  248. Need advice on bearings
  249. When should you consider something other than Turcite for a wear surface
  250. Scraping Practice