Bridgeport 2J Z axis handle material
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    Default Bridgeport 2J Z axis handle material

    Hi all;

    Do any of you know what alloy the bridgeport 2J handles are made out of?

    Mine was magnetic and had a chromed finish, it had broken once before and I welded it with a nickel stick.
    However I needed to bend it so it didnt have a conflict w/ my Y axis handle (upgraded to y auto feed)
    Per grey cast malleability I took it to 1200 in the forge,
    except it quickly turned into a puddle of what is seemingly... Aluminum.

    I did some research saying that there are new-ish Al-Fe alloys that do in fact retain magnetism but are heavily affected in terms of melting point.
    But this is my first hearing of Al-Fe alloys, and all the research I found on them is >2000. I find it hard to believe that Bridgeport was the first to get behind Al-Fe castings ~60 years ago.

    Any input welcomed

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