Bridgeport 6F power feed issues
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    Default Bridgeport 6F power feed issues

    I have a Bridgeport with a 6F (?) power feed. The circuit board has some obvious issues:
    two components have fried. May be resistors, seems like the color bands were left,
    and one component has vaporized (it was near he connector on the inboard side. It was apparently on fairly long leads.
    It may have been repaired, the caps look new and one capacitor has had another one wired onto it in parallel. Was this OEM practice?

    I see that H&W have replacement boards. My concern is that something caused a minor explosion on the old board and I sure don't want to use a new one just to re-create the disaster.

    Would any of you have any idea what could have caused this? Looks like a new feed unit is just slightly more than a new board.

    Is there any value in the old board?

    Suggestions? Opinions?


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    2 things on this...

    1. A board can blow either by overworking the motor (by running it to the ends of travel or crashing it excessively) or by having both switches "on" at the same time. I would double check your switches and your wiring.

    2. Your leadscrew does not go all the way through the power feed. It ends under the table. None of the imports for the money you are talking about will have the extension shaft needed to be able to actually mount and use the power feed. Servo makes a kit for it with the extension shaft or you would need to get a new lead screw or make your own extension shaft.

    Sounds to me like someone tried repairing yours. Is this yours that you have been running for a while or is this new to you?


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