Bridgeport Interact 412 w Heidenhain 151 Controller stops mid program
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    Default Bridgeport Interact 412 w Heidenhain 151 Controller stops mid program

    Hello all,

    First time posting. Spent some time looking for a thread that might have an answer to our challenge. Our Bridgeport Interact 412 w a Heidenhain 151 Controller starts up fine. Had been sitting for a while, when we would run a program we would get a gross positioning error. Problem was the ways weren't getting enough lube. sorted it out. Don't get the error message anymore. Now the machine starts up fine, but while running a program, it will randomly stop moving. Spindle still running coolant flowing. During troubleshooting, out of frustration our machinist whacked the table with a soft mallet. Low and behold it started moving. It will randomly stop in X, Y or Z axis. Whack the table, the program will continue in what ever direction it was moving. We're baffled.

    Looking for some insight.


    Someone on another Blog mentioned the following: "Assuming the drives are DC it sounds like there is a brush sticking or worn out in a servo motor, probably the "X" axis. Depending on the program one faulty axis will stop the others from running because the controller will be waiting for the faulty axis to move."

    Pulled the X-Axis motor. Removed the motor brushes one at a time. Two had so much carbon dust, hard to pull them out. All brushes are worn a little over 3mm. New ones are a little over 14mm. (Called a place that has some, they measured length.) Reinstalled the motor. No change. Still acts the same. Going to take a look at the Y-Axis motor.

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