Bridgeport Table dimensions
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    Default Bridgeport Table dimensions

    So I have a BP V2XT and I was thinking about making a fixture plate so I can fixture multiple parts at a time. OK, none of that is important right now. Well, I wanted to machine keys into the bottom of the fixture plate and be able to rely that my Y axis will always be in the same position. Problem is, I suspect those key slots on the top are not at all consistent all the way across. Was wondering if anyone else has dims they can share? For the slots I was not able to get more than .623" in them. Now the solid parts were like all over the place. Back of table ( from column) to first slot I got 1.690" Second one was 1.887" third one 1.867 and final one 1.698" I'd like to machine solid keys into the bottom of the plate so that amongst other things I can also utilize lots of 7/16-14 SHCS throughout the plate to hold it down ( making slots and using keys won't work). Was thinking maybe make the middle key full width (.6225") and then the others say about .015" narrower than .608" (taking off .0075 per side). plate is about 12" long by 8" wide.

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    You don't need but 1 key milled. After you have installed the fixture plate you can mill all edges to square it up. Stay about .010 off the top of the table. After you have done that put the plate in a vise and cut the excess off. When you put it back on you can skin cut the top surface ( make your c'bores a little extra deep ) and you should be ready to go.

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