Dx32 peck drill help
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    Default Dx32 peck drill help

    Hey guys. I'm looking in my programming manual, for my Bridgeport Explorer mill with DX32 control, and for the G83 peck drilling cycle, it mentioned that the operator needs to set the amount of peck clearance, or something along those lines. And that the procedure for that could be found in the Operators manual. Well, I looked in there and can't find anything. I'm assuming the peck clearance, would be the amount the drill stays away from the previous feed depth, after a rapid move. Example, if I have .100" pecks programmed in and the drill drilled down the first .100" and then rapids up to the clearance point and then rapids back down into the hole, does it rapid right to .100", or stay like .010" above that, so it would rapid to .090" and then drill to .200" and then rapid to the clearance point and then rapid to .190" and then feed to .300"? I want to know where I would go to set that peck clearance amount. Say I want to adjust that peck clearance amount to like .010" or .020" because truthfully I think its rapiding right to the last fed Z depth and I don't really like that. The Fanuc controlled mills at work rapid down in the hole .010" above the last fed Z amount for safety reasons and I would like the same. Hoping someone can help me.....

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    I don't think dx32 g83 allows you to adjust where the feed for subsequent packs are. This has never caused us a problem. We have three dx32 vmcs in our shop and drill thousands of holes with them.

    The clearance plane is set the line before. Here's a sample program:

    G0 Z0.2;
    G83 X0.0 Y0.0 Z1.2 Z0.3 Z0.1 F10.0;

    The above program drills a 1.0 deep hole. The first z value is the total distance from where ever you set the clearance plane. The second z is the first peck depth. The cycle will run without this one but it keeps it from pecking through the air above the part. The third z is the actual peck depth.

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