Glad I found this: threading leadscrew was run through the drive belt
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    Default Glad I found this: threading leadscrew was run through the drive belt

    I continue to get my new HLV-H sorted. She's running great and cleaning up pretty well. Funny thing happened last night. I was running the spindle at slow speed and had the threading tumbler in the "OUT' position when I noticed the threading leadscrew was wanting to turn. I checked the threading selector and it was solidly in "Feed" mode. "This can't be right" I thought...

    The last dummy who took the gearbox off must have put it back in with the leadscrew extension running through the drive belt. When in low speed, the belt was rubbing on the shaft and causing it to spin... See photo:


    Tonight I'll pull the gearbox off and get it routed properly. This lathe has been a good project, but I do wonder about the mental fortitude of the person who last ran it. I'm glad the shaft is not badly worn in this spot. Glad I caught it early. This kinda thing makes me think I really need to break everything WAY down and go over the whole machine with a fine tooth comb.

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