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    Quote Originally Posted by gregormarwick View Post
    What we did ascertain was that SW CAM professional does not have any form of mill turn functionality, not even basic C axis/polar live tool. Simple turning only, and it was unclear to what degree you can mix turning and milling setups in the same part file.
    Yes I think that is correct. This link, at the end, has a clear description of what comes with SW CAM Professional:
    SOLIDWORKS CAM for Free? - Engineers Rule

    I generally agree that the level of information about these products is not great now but I think it should get quite a bit better as it all settles out. It would also be nice to see SW/CAMworks coordinate to develop good upgrade options for those who need the higher end CAM features.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete Deal View Post
    I bought into it with Solidworks 2018. I got the professional so I have the high speed machining. I did a bunch of reading before buying and it seems some like CAMWorks some don't. This can be said for everything. So far the only complaint I have is the lack of any knowledge of the product from my VAR or it seems from Solidworks. It does not surprise me. My VAR used to carry several of the CAM systems that got swallowed by Autodesk. They are going to become a CAMWorks VAR so that should improve. Also, I hope that with Solidworks adopting that the user base and knowledge base will increase.
    I've been using SolidCAM since 2004. If you're a Solidworks user, it's pretty fantastic. Definitely worth a look. The interface is a little old school, but once you get past it it's powerfull as hell. Imachining is so much better than Fusion/HSMworks HSM toolpath. Support is amazing, decent promotional pricing, and great 3D surfacing tool paths round it out and a fine deal.


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