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    The OP really asked for CAD use, and my original reply was for that.

    A decent semi-complex model is about 1GB in file size, easily holding 10.000 3D items, some items somewhat detailed at any one time.

    Of course, instancing and linking makes work-files faster by about 100x or two orders of magnitude.

    Aka work-files dont need detailed all the 3D models of endless small 3D widgets, that are part of the final product.
    But make an extremely useful parts-list, materials-list, mass-estimate and so on ad infinitum..

    And a 3D CAD Quadro card runs 2 32" monitors at 2800x1200 re each at high refresh rates.
    It is about 10x more productive, when you can do multiple detailed views (many windows) and some overall views all at once, in real time.

    Also, for running windows, a good setup make your system about 2x x 2x == 4x faster overall, if someone actually knows what they are doing.
    Partition sizes, swap files, 64 bit, temp files, turning/leaving the bugging features off the filesystem, many things.

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    Did he OP ever fess up to exactly WHICH program he was trying to run?

    Seems to me, without that info, it's pretty much a circle jerk, trying to suggest what will or will not work for his needs.

    Spending WAY too much money on computer hardware is really easy, and it's all wasted if it never gets put to work.

    Guy said it's for a farm shop. What are the odds he's running equipment that needs seven screens and half a terabyte of RAM?

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