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    Default Featurecam training/lessons

    Hey everyone. Just started a job as a tool room machinist at the beginning of the year and I am learning quite a bit on the job. I have learned how to make parts on the Trak mill and lathe (using conversational programming at the machine), grinders, manual machines, ect and am now starting to learn the EDM which is programmed through Featurecam and I have learned how to make basic programs for the EDM. The next step is learning how to program the Haas mills and lathes which is all done via Featurecam also. I should mention all of our 3d modeling is done through Solidworks which I have also been learning the basics of. The goal is to have me able to make parts on every machine in the shop then I will be going to second shift.

    I am looking for some training material for Featurecam so I can work towards programming the Haas machines. My lead at work has mentioned the company would be willing to pay for me to take a training course either online or in person but we have been unable to find any such training courses. Also my lead along with everyone else has been swamped with work so some of my training has understandably been put on the back burner and I am helping out making any parts my current skill level allows. So that being said I would like to take the initiative and try to learn Featurecam on my own so I am more valuable to my employer who has treated me very well so far and has paid me more than I think I deserve while giving me many hours of on the job training. Any training resources you guys could recommend would be appreciated. I should also mention I am in tech school for a machine tool diploma with only a semester or so left and as part of that I will be taking two Mastercam classes in the fall. Are there any similarities between Mastercam and Featurecam? Will learning one help me with the other or will it just cause confusion?

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    The more software you can learn, the better. At this point, you will be making a better investment in your future learning Mastercam.
    Featurecam is inevitably on its way out. Those with a perpetual install-disk/dongle/.paff will be safe.

    Major difference between Featurecam and Mastercam is how tool-path is driven.
    Featurecam is "curve" driven. You create a curve from geometry. Use the curve to drive the tool.
    Mastercam, you just "chain" the geometry.
    There are many other differences. Set-up & UCS always seemed way different to me. But I have seen other people say they were not different at all, SO?
    From the description you would think Mastercam would be faster. Its not. Not even close actually.
    In a fast-paced low-volume, or prototype environment, Featurecam is way faster.
    In the production world where every second counts, Mastercam is way more powerful.
    Two different tools, that can each do the other's job. But they each have their distinct strengths.

    Is your employer up to date with their Featurecam? There are several classes per year. I get the emails all the time.
    Both in class, and remote on-line.
    There are also quite a few videos floating around youtube that will help once you get past knowing the icons and basic work-flow.
    The beginning of the Featurcam learning curve is pretty steep. But it levels of real fast once you get the basics down.

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