Fusion 360 - Can I use multiple points for zero when CNCing?
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    Default Fusion 360 - Can I use multiple points for zero when CNCing?

    So what we want to do is have a jig that our part fits into and then we want to be able to zero the machine in 2 spots to make sure our jig is square with our CAM program every time.

    Is there a way to do this? For example, have two points to zero Y?

    I'm using Fusion 360 and the jig will be made on one of our CNCs but we want to use it on multiple machines depending on what's going on.

    I considered drilling two holes using my program, and then manually having it go to those two holes, but I would need a way to anchor the first hole to make sure it doesn't move while I line up the second.

    Is there a better way? I've got a feeling there's something really easy I'm not thinking of right now.

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    A straight edge to indicate the fixture parallel to the table, and a pin or hole to sweep in for 0,0.

    2 pins will work the same as a straight edge, but not as quick.

    You might also have an option in the control to rotate the coordinate system to align it with the fixture. I prefer the straight forward approach of aligning the fixture to the machine. Less thinking and guessing involved.

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