Fusion or Inventor CAM post for Multicam Apex router?
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    Default Fusion or Inventor CAM post for Multicam Apex router?

    We bought what I presumed to be the most popular professional CNC router, a Multicam. In our case an Apex 1R.

    However - after picking the default Multicam post from the dropdown options in Inventor it generated G-code that the salesman says will not work out of the box and that it will need some tinkering.

    We are firing up the machine for the first time next week and I am hoping to start making parts as soon as possible.

    We were told that there were a lot of things that the post got wrong - for instance it made this;

    G0 T1
    G97 S4000

    But the salesman says the machine needs to be told the RPM before selecting a tool.

    G97 S4000
    G0 T1

    This is opposite from what our other machines do (a 4-axis Haas Mill-turn and a 2-axis hot wire router)

    Anybody here with a Multicam who's got any input regarding this? Not doubting that the salesman is correct - he's highly technical, but just thinking that there may be several roads which lead to Rome.

    Naturally - what I'm hoping for is finding a post for either Inventor CAM or Fusion that works straight out of the box.

    Thanks for all help!

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