Lathe Taper Attachment Repair
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    Default Lathe Taper Attachment Repair

    Hl all, what would be the best forum to post on regarding a Late Model Hendey-Barber Coleman Lathe Taper Attachment repair?

    Its not one of the old ones, but a 1960’s ? era, after Barber Coleman bought out Hendey.

    Anyway I am wanting to ask how someone breaks the Taper Attachment Draw Bar Clamp Bracket?? When the Taper attachment is not in use the Cross Slide DrawBar is secured in the Draw bar Clamp on the far side of the Taper Attachment. I have had this Hendey for a while now and was going to try using the taper attachment and discovered that this bracket was broken. It should never have any real force on it so the only way I can figure someone would have broken it would be to have used the Taper attachment without first un-clamping the drawbar. Thanks

    After Hours and Hours of cleaning, I have the Taper Casting clamped to my Cleereman Layout Drill’s Table. I plan to drill and tap for 1/4-20 bolts and bolt a 1/4 thick plate to the 2 machined flats and then prep the crack for TIG Brazing with special TIG Filler Rods for Cast Iron. The Broken off piece has 2) 3/8-16 bolt holes in it that I can use to secure it and hold it while TIG Brazing. I may leave the 1/4 Plate for reinforcement, Any opinions .


    JOhn thanks for your reply, I think once this is repaired I will remove the Lathe Bed Clamp Unless I am using the Taper Attachement, I could also unscrew the threaded rod that attaches to the clamp, no point having these RIDING on the bed when not needed.
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    The LOOSE (so it can supposedly go up and down bed when not using T/A) kills them - they get COCKED / JAMMED however you want to say it

    The appropriate thing to do of course is to have them in the chip pan or on the bench when not using T/A

    wanting to ask how someone breaks the Taper Attachment Draw Bar Clamp Bracket??
    Fixing one, which was sent to a member (who wanted to modify one) with out completing. Monarchs are good at breaking these
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