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    Machdaddy, whats the make/brand/model of those ER40 collets? Feel free to PM me if you prefer.

    Glad things are going well, all things considered. A couple of little minor nuisances is a pretty good outcome!

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    Default Power Feed to Quill Not Working

    Quote Originally Posted by Machdaddy View Post
    Went with American Rotary and I am very pleased with the company and the product. She runs and today I'm going to check the fluid levels and make sure that's all good. Turns out the single collet holder and collet that was in the machine when I purchased it is a 100TG series which is really too bad because I have already purchased a set of ER40's. Don't think I can return them because I took one out of the plastic shrink wrap. Oh well.
    The only issue with the machine that I can find is the power feed to the quill. The hand wheel shaft rotates when it is engaged but the actual quill doesn't move either direction. Moves fine with the hand lever but it seems like it may have a broken sheer pin or something. Anyone had to deal with a similar issue?
    Oh yeah, what type of machine uses 100TG collets?
    Guessing by the date of the post you may have already found the answer to the power feed. Otherwise, pull the power feed gear box and you may find that the crown clutch assembly is possible broken at the shear pin. If you have a manual you can see it in the exploded view. At least that is what happened to me. Replacement cost was same as it's weight in gold so I made a replacement on the mill. Took me 3 trys to get it right. Now it works fine. Tool heal thyself! Great machine you have there!

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