1.5mm Pitch full profile threading insert
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    Default 1.5mm Pitch full profile threading insert


    I am trying to incorporate M142 x 1.5 6g Male Threads.
    Primarily we are checking with Go / NoGo Ring Gauge.

    (Yet to upgrade to 3-wire method.)

    I have attached screenshot of 3# different inserts, all of them full profile ones, at my disposal for threading. The profiles have been checked with VMM multiple times. I am primarily concerned with 60 degree angle. Every time we check, readings of angle are consistent within 0.15 degrees. (I believe might be operator error or something else?)

    Question is: Provided thread is machined in accordance with Go-NoGo 6g Ring gauge, which insert would be the "correct" one ?

    And what would be the outcome when threaded with all these three inserts? Apart from threads being "wider" towards major diameter, will there be anything else of concern?

    Thank You,untitled.jpg

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    Are you checking the angle at the angle the inserts will be used, hopefully the helix angle of the thread you intend to make?

    (edit- at your diameter the angle is about 0.19 degrees so I'd expect the tool to be very close to 60 degrees. If it has actual rake, i.e. nose higher than tail, the angle would be a tad less than 60 degrees, but I don't think inserts work that way, just my hand-ground HSS tools. I've often wondered about the effect of thread flanks not fully contacting in the nut, but nobody seems to worry about it.)
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    Your VMM six sigma capable at this level? Doubt it.
    Buying "A" tolerance inserts?
    You are talking .0006 inch max. and a goodly part of that your gauge. You are not paying for .0001 inch or micron level tooling.
    Everyone wants to blame the inserts and then as the maker one has to spend ungodly amounts of time teaching the user to measure things.

    Do not feel bad or put down by this post. I do not mean to do that in any way.
    You by far not the first. Get a good handle on your six-sigmas in measuring both tools and parts.
    Try to understand that there is a tolerance on making the inserts so add that in.

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