Allen-Bradley 9/Series and ODS software
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    Default Allen-Bradley 9/Series and ODS software

    We recently purchased a couple machines that were retrofitted with Allen-Bradley 9/Series 9/230 controls. From the research I've done there's some ODS software that is needed to work with the internals of these controls, I'm trying to find it to back up their current configuration as well as have it so when one of them inevitably needs work on it down the line we have the tools we need to fix it. I've found a few posts scattered around the internet of people who are looking for this ODS software and people who had it and sent it to them, but they're all many years old and my replies to them have gone unanswered. I've tried to find it to purchase from various sites (ebay, etc) but haven't had any luck. I've also tried going through Rockwell Automation and end up wasting hours on the phone with them getting bounced around from one department to another and nobody can ever get me any definitive answers. Does anyone here know where I might be able to obtain this ODS software from?


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