Any emcoturn/ siemens 840c people in western washington/oregon?
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    Default Any emcoturn/ siemens 840c people in western washington/oregon?

    I recently got a 1997 Emcoturn 465 from an auction house in the midwest. We managed to get it booted up and found the parameter printout that Emco taped inside the controller!
    We haven't been able to set the machine limits or get the tool measuring macro to run. This is my first experience with Siemens controls and they were very nice on the phone, but got to the stage where they bumped up against all the configurations that the machine builder does to the generic set up.
    Emco is willing to send a tech out from the midwest for $$$, and we are planning to do that at some point soon, but I feel like if I could ask an owner operator a couple of questions we would get a lot more out of the technicians time.
    So if anyone has a machine semi-locally I would love to talk on the phone/come visit. I would be delighted to pay for your time or send you the finest bourbon made in Seattle etc.
    Hahn Rossman

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    been over a year since we retired ours trying to remember but the tool cycle was l764.

    drop the probe in jog and say its a face/turning tool (type 3) put the tool over the top of the probe.

    then mda


    press cycle start and it should run the probe.
    r1=d number and r2 tool edge. you might want to leave it a few inches away and turn the feed override down when you start it.
    i'm pretty sure it will probe x 1st then the z. If it doesn't see a probe being touched in 25mm of travel it will just alarm out.
    you should also have a calibration tool that looks like a cross on a vdi. and will have for numbers a b c d. cycle l765 is a calibration routine. and if you look in it you'll see what numbers go to what what r value in the mda setting.

    sent a pm also

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